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Successful Friend with Benefits

Successful Friend with Benefits

So a friends with benefits is a touchy subject. there's the stereotype of someone always catching feelings and ruining it. This has lead to many unsuccessful attempts at having a friends with benefits.

I've had a successful friends with benefits dynamic though and some points are key.

First and foremost is being honest from the get go. Each and every relationship you get in requires a basis to start. If you start talking to someone and are honest that your intention is not to date or be together but really just to have sex occasionally then make that absolutely clear.

Second, keep the appropriate type of relationship. If you literally just want sex then only communicate when they is the goal. Dont really get all personal in those conversations.

Third, communicate. If you're no longer wanting to be friends with benefits then say that. If you are starting to catch feelings say that. You dont have to spill your guts to the other person but letting them know where you're at is important.

Any other tips please post below but these are the ones that I've found work best.

Successful Friend with Benefits
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Most Helpful Guys

  • _Whatever
    Lovers aren't friends. Lovers are lovers, and friends are friends. I disagree with the "perfect match" part of this diagram up there.

    Anyway, yeah honesty and communication are important for sure.
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    • Anonymous

      The diagram is saying that a relationship should have love, sex and a level of friendship to be able to work

    • _Whatever

      I know but what I'm saying is true friendship is platonic, meaning that lovers aren't friends, not really.

    • john0372

      @_Whatever That's just simply wrong.

  • bulletbob555
    I had one and we would say I'm seeing someone now and once it was over start calling again. That worked for us.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Alivegirlll
    Is this a scientific diagram?
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    • Anonymous

      No. This isn't a scientific subject.

    • This subject is related to psychology and sexual selection

    • Anonymous

      It was an image off of google. I'm not trying to make a scientific point. Only share what I have seen that works.

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  • b5fan
    I am confused. If you only talk when you want sex. How is that a good friendship? I don't mean to pry, but that seems hard to do.
  • Wewladdy
    No such thing as successful sluts.
    • Anonymous

      Damn you are angry dude

    • Wewladdy

      Why are you anonymous if there's no shame in opening your legs for anyone who is nice to you? Just wondering.

      Also, used to be angry about societal decay. Now I just laugh about it. Most people truly do not have a semblance of intelligence anymore.

    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry when did I say that I've opened my legs to anybody that was nice to me? And hate to break it to you but you're taking your anger out on the wrong post.

  • Unatcomail
    I think so
  • Anonymous
    Not gonna lie that's a pretty funny Venn diagram.
    • Anonymous

      Yo I literally just googled an image and use one of the first ones that I found.