Born in the wrong generation!


Do you feel like you were born in the wrong generation for dating?

I do, I can't help but feel my morals and views on relationships don't meet up to the same standards as this generation. I'm definitely old school, just the simple things. Hand written notes, holding the door open, to something as simple as manners.

This whole hook up culture, dating app scene, talking to multiple people at once, just doesn't make sense to me. What ever happened to meeting people in person? Making the first move, a simple "hello." It seems we're so wrapped up in social media, that we've forgotten how to act sincerely, none of my generation seem to know how to hold a conversation without using their phone, or how to use simple manners without having to be reminded. It all seems fake and ingenuine, there's no wonder most people don't get past the talking stage, because either don't take it seriously, or don't want the same thing.

It seems dating has lost it's true meaning, to find love. Now it's just for those who seek a hook-up, attention or simply an ego boost, without any regards for the other persons feelings.

Just a rant from a girl in her 20s wishing she could find the type of relationships our Grandparents had... (Not to be taken seriously.) 😅

Born in the wrong generation!
Born in the wrong generation!
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