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Born in the wrong generation!


Do you feel like you were born in the wrong generation for dating?

I do, I can't help but feel my morals and views on relationships don't meet up to the same standards as this generation. I'm definitely old school, just the simple things. Hand written notes, holding the door open, to something as simple as manners.

This whole hook up culture, dating app scene, talking to multiple people at once, just doesn't make sense to me. What ever happened to meeting people in person? Making the first move, a simple "hello." It seems we're so wrapped up in social media, that we've forgotten how to act sincerely, none of my generation seem to know how to hold a conversation without using their phone, or how to use simple manners without having to be reminded. It all seems fake and ingenuine, there's no wonder most people don't get past the talking stage, because either don't take it seriously, or don't want the same thing.

It seems dating has lost it's true meaning, to find love. Now it's just for those who seek a hook-up, attention or simply an ego boost, without any regards for the other persons feelings.

Just a rant from a girl in her 20s wishing she could find the type of relationships our Grandparents had... (Not to be taken seriously.) 😅

Born in the wrong generation!
Born in the wrong generation!
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  • Anonymous
    Girlll tell me about it lol. This generation is all about social media, hook ups, and technology.. i know the internet also has it's pros but love has definitely lost its meaning. When i see a couple in love in this generation, im impressed because not many people are like that anymore and they don't want to make the effort to have a genuine connection and face to face relationship. It's sad honestly what it's come to but don't lose hope! Love will find it's way no matter how impossible it may seem. There is someone for you who will match up to your heart and values:) i know it may seem hard with how things have evolved but there's some good people out there still. There will be that one guy who'll have all eyes on you and treat you like a princess. Just have patience and open your heart to him about what you desire! Good luck.
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    • Anonymous

      Aww thank you! it's nice to know that some people still hold the same values as me. I thought people might not take me seriously after writing this 😅
      It's a shame how dating sites have been taken over by the hook up culture, where it was once innocent and used for the reason it was created for.

  • Yes, but I also came of age in hookup culture. Technology became a huge deal, texting and emailing replaced actually talking, ghosting replaced breaking up in a mature fashion, cohabitation replaced marriage, courtship is now replaced with easy sex (which if you don’t have sex right away, you’re dumped or overlooked) and apps like Tinder are the primary way of meeting people.

    I get asked a lot by guys why I’m this age and still single. I don’t blame myself for it or men in particular. I blame it on the culture we live in.
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    • Anonymous

      I agree with you completely, it's sad that it's overpopulated the traditional purpose of dating.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Lionman95
    I understand and can relate what you mean. We live a life that so much shaped by social media and apps that it´s hard to have a normal conversation without having your phone right near you. I always catch myself freaking out when I can´t find my phone just for some short time.
    Dating and falling in love isn´t easier online and with all kind of fake apps and porn just around the corner. Yes, I´m sometimes wondering if all these apps lead to any good but being nostalgic doesn´t make things better. I´m also looking for something true and honest but it´s not easy.
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    • Anonymous

      For sure, I've even noticed where, in general not only in dating that look on people's faces as they're waiting for their friends response to the message they sent, as if they can't communicate it effectively in person. I've seen so many relationships break down because they've had a disagreement over the other's social media... What ever happened to life outside of a device, it's consumed us. Not to mention the dating world where people put on a fake façade for other people just for them to get a hook-up.

  • MCheetah
    Yes! I wished I could date in the late 90's/early 2000's. There were still dating websites then, like Match. com, but they hadn't devolved into hookup culture apps, yet. I actually joined Match. com in 2006 as a 19 year old, and had no luck on there. And by 2007, hookup culture through the internet became a thing, so I JUST missed the window by about a few years or so! Only reason I even say online dating is because I seriously doubt I could meet the love of my life within a 50 mile radius.
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    • Anonymous

      Ahh those were they days! it's unfortunate they they got take advantage of so quickly, can't find anything that hasn't got some sort of hook-up couture attached these days.

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  • You took the words straight out of my mouth... Even harder to accept because I grew up in the times when things really were that way, and I can't accept anything less... Why I've stayed single since being widowed 7 years ago... Great take 👍🙂
    • Anonymous

      I really wish I could find a relationship like my grandparents, those two are awesome.
      Sorry for your loss! And thank you for your feed back :)

    • Hopefully you will 🤞🙏🏼

  • bamesjond0069
    I agree. I had one relationship with my HS sweetheart for a decade. Now i try dating again and its all hoes and nasty girls. What happened to waiting before sex and getting to know someone? I dont find really any girls that do this at all. So dating is over before it begins. I was raised there is a town bicycle thats fine to take for a ride but you dont marry it! But seems every girl is like that these days. Its gross.
    • Anonymous

      Not me, I'm still a virgin and I plan on staying that way until I find someone. It's proving to be difficult but a girl can dream, right? haha
      It's true though, our generation doesn't seem to know what love is any more.

    • Well dont change for anyone. Someone will appreciate you.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! :)

  • I would never wish to have lived in any of the previous generations. Old people were racist and sexist as hell. My dating life is good and I’m content in this generation.
  • Liam_Hayden
    When I look around and see all the Tide Pod eating whiny socialist wannabe freeloading participation trophy losers in my generation, yes, I think that I was born in the wrong generation.
  • Massageman
    Yup - I'm a 30 year old brain lock in a 70 year old body, so I guess I'm 40 years out of whack.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Yeah same
  • Anonymous
    Yeah maybe it's not just about love personally i like life in 90's and early 2000's on how they socialize with others and I like their appearance back then i i used to listen some of early 2000's songs and i feel more relaxing even i'm born late in 2002 😊
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I agree with you, everything seemed a lot better back then (in my opinion). 😅

    • Anonymous

      Yeah when also a singer don't need to show that they are naked in front of camera but still can produce quality music and lyrics just my 2 cent ✌️

    • Anonymous

      Oh for sure, gotta love those artists! :)

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