The Truth About Why Men Won't Date Single Mothers

The Truth About Why Men Wont Date Single Mothers

They Made Their Bed and Must Lie In It

It takes 2 people to have unprotected sex. Often times a baby daddy is the one that is blamed for doing this. It is said that baby daddy must 'step up' responsibility. The reality is that the woman chose gladly to assume the risk of pregnancy just as the man is. She too is not only responsible for getting pregnant, but she is MORE responsible for CHOOSING to have the child. She could have taken the morning after pill or aborted, etc. The woman is most at fault for being a single mother.

Women Get Pregnant to Keep Men

That's right. One reason why women are single is because they use the pleasure of sex and letting a man cum deep inside them as bait to keep a man. I tried to date a single mother once and heard her backstory. She was dating this guy casually. She found out that he started seeing another woman and got jealous. So in order to keep the man in her life she came onto him, let him cum inside her, and she intentionally decided to keep the baby to pressure the man to marry her. The result? The man married the other woman instead and they have split custody of the child. She is now 36 years old, bitter, and perpetually single with a child.

Women Get Pregnant to get Money

There are many women out there getting pregnant by multiple men in order to cash in on more welfare money. Beware of single mothers with babies from multiple guys they let blow their backs out.

She is the Reason Baby Daddy Left

Sure, there are men who are not stepping up to the plate. Still, the woman might be such a drama queen that she drove the baby daddy away.

Biological Selection

If you are a tall, attractive man. There is A LOT of competition for your seed. Women think about a man's qualities and the offspring. Be careful fellas.

You Come Last

A man must to be a priority in a lover's life. Dating a single mom? You come LAST. That's not a masculine position to be in!

The Truth About Why Men Won't Date Single Mothers
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