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The Truth About Why Men Won't Date Single Mothers

The Truth About Why Men Wont Date Single Mothers

They Made Their Bed and Must Lie In It

It takes 2 people to have unprotected sex. Often times a baby daddy is the one that is blamed for doing this. It is said that baby daddy must 'step up' responsibility. The reality is that the woman chose gladly to assume the risk of pregnancy just as the man is. She too is not only responsible for getting pregnant, but she is MORE responsible for CHOOSING to have the child. She could have taken the morning after pill or aborted, etc. The woman is most at fault for being a single mother.

Women Get Pregnant to Keep Men

That's right. One reason why women are single is because they use the pleasure of sex and letting a man cum deep inside them as bait to keep a man. I tried to date a single mother once and heard her backstory. She was dating this guy casually. She found out that he started seeing another woman and got jealous. So in order to keep the man in her life she came onto him, let him cum inside her, and she intentionally decided to keep the baby to pressure the man to marry her. The result? The man married the other woman instead and they have split custody of the child. She is now 36 years old, bitter, and perpetually single with a child.

Women Get Pregnant to get Money

There are many women out there getting pregnant by multiple men in order to cash in on more welfare money. Beware of single mothers with babies from multiple guys they let blow their backs out.

She is the Reason Baby Daddy Left

Sure, there are men who are not stepping up to the plate. Still, the woman might be such a drama queen that she drove the baby daddy away.

Biological Selection

If you are a tall, attractive man. There is A LOT of competition for your seed. Women think about a man's qualities and the offspring. Be careful fellas.

You Come Last

A man must to be a priority in a lover's life. Dating a single mom? You come LAST. That's not a masculine position to be in!

The Truth About Why Men Won't Date Single Mothers
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Me personally would date a single Mom considering I am a single Dad , but I have limits, her kids have to be as old as my kids or older or I am not interested Cuz I don’t want to start over raising children when my kids are pretty much grown , I can see why a single guy with no kids wouldn’t want to raise someone else’s kids , cuz when I was single with no kids I didn’t want a girl that had kids , I was so against it , as well as being a stepfather is a very big responsibility as well but it all depends on the situation , so there are a lot of single parents these days because no one really wants the responsibility of raising someone else’s kids , So for me it just comes down to her situation , if the father is still in the Picture then i could handle that , cuz they still have their father but if the father isn’t in the picture she is more than likely looking for a meal ticket for someone to take care of her and her child or children , but people fall for it all the time thinking they can handle it , That’s why I am upfront with a girl when I date and I make it clear she will not meet my children until we become serious because if it doesn’t work out at least my kids won’t be effected cuz kids easily get attached as well , so that’s something I don’t do , people that do that I feel is wrong , and also wrong to throw that responsibility onto someone you are just dating , And the parents that lie about not having kids when they do is wrong as well to trick someone into falling for them , When push comes to shove most people are just selfish assholes
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    • stuff39

      you are an idiot lol

    • stuff39

      read the bible never date a single mother

    • Yaaten

      @AliceStars Go away Alice!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have no issue if a man doesn't want to date a single mom... I do however have an issue with the men that say they wouldn't date or be in a relationship with a single mom but will still fuck a single mom or use that as a bullshit excuse to be a POS That just hits it and quits it... Just because someone is a single mom is no excuse for someone to treat her like disposable pussy... You don't want to date a single mom, don't fuck em either!
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    • Apope16

      Agreed. But to be fair there are single mothers out there who are just looking for quality dick a couple times a week when the kid is at dad's house. If a guy ever does that it should be an understanding prior to getting physical. But to go on a date with a single mom, bang her, and then ghost her is just outrageous and wrong. But there are a lot of single mothers who just want sex... not a lot... some.

    • @Brainsbeforebeauty what if she is fine with casual dating like ONS or NSA?

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  • joshctlee
    I like single woman, they’re pretty easy. You know they fuck cause they got a baby so it works out pretty well if you wanna go to pound town.
  • TrainingDay
    @espresso-grande Your subjective experience is YOUR experience. I know women who have a baby by one dude then lie to another and say it is theirs just so they could have a baby by the more attractive dude. Or women who have casual sex all the time and then end up with a kid... Women are not saints. You may live in some good area where people are good but the rest of the world is not all the same. You thought just because you put No Replies I wouldn't get to you hahaha. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED HAHAHA. Na seriously though keep a neutral mindset cause there are good men choosing awful women out there and there are good women who get left by men too for no good reason. Be neutral because all possibilities exist. No if you excuse me I have to flush the toilet.
  • Juxtapose
    What really seals the deal for me is coming dead last in her life. No fucking thanks!
  • art84
    I wouldn't date a single mother being as who wants to take care of someone else's children? I have a friend whose 36 years old and has three children age 2 years to 6 years old. She was married in her 20's and got divorced and has these little children. I do feel bad for the children cause they don't have a father figure unless the dad's in the picture still. I couldn't imagine what the children go through when my friend brings new guys into the picture trying to replace her ex husband as the father figure.
  • Gespenster_division
    I know a lot of guys who target single mothers.

    1. Because their standards are lower

    2. Often they are desperate

    3. More likely to f*ck on a first date.

    4. No self respect.

    5. Looking for diversion away from her kids.

    6. Guranteed place to live.

    7. Her ex funding her

    8. Worse you treat her the more she wants you

    9. She might have been a 9 or an 8 but after a baby she's still a 6 or 7 on the sexual marketplace.

    10. If she's hot 🔥
  • Tomsta
    Me personally? at my age. "I don't wanna be a part of their bad decisions"
  • Chthou95
    I agree. Don't want to be raising someone else's kid and just simply don't want leftovers
  • CasaNorba
    damn brother, for once I agree with you 100%!
  • dwiller943
    I'm sorry... What?
  • Nazgol
    Thanks for having your gender's back! Good on you
    • Nazgol

      It's sarcasim by the way

    • Yes, because how dare a man stand up for men and not only for women, right? (it's "sarcasim" by the way)

  • princeofromance
    I am not opposed to dating a single mother.
  • AkshiJanjua
    Or simply because it's someone else's kid
  • Amouranth
    Lol, only 1 lady liked this brutally honest post.
  • Pretty much
  • Anonymous
    I won't date a single mother because after dating for 6 months the man becomes legally responsible for the children, that includes paying child support or face prison.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Sorry bro I agree with women here.

    You need to stop finding fault in women. People make mistake we gotta forgive them.

    I won't like to take care of child from another man. That's how I feel and that's why I will avoid single women mostly.

    Different people different characters , different situations different reasons.

    There's no meaning in over thinking and creating stereotypes. We gotta take everything into account to judge someone's character.

    They may be making excuse but let's hear them out and try to understand.
  • Anonymous
    Continue to have sex outside of marriage and murder your children, it will only cost you eternity. You suggesting it is better for the child to be murdered is the definition of evil. You are right it takes two to have a child, but it only takes one to not have sex without marriage. Not every single mother slept around, some are widows or legally divorced. Not ideal, but no reason to murder a child. The most responsible and safe sex is only found in marriage, no birth control is 100% and condoms still pass STDs.
  • Anonymous
    I dateed a single mom, i meet even the kid, evrething whas very nice and i will not say no if the mom in a nice and good looking on.
    I whas 22 and she whas 29, her daughter whas 7
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Very very sexist POV...
    • Apope16

      Women are often very triggered when the truth about them is exposed. When their secrets are unmasked.

    • Anonymous

      It's not the case. Don't worry.

  • Anonymous
    Can tell you are a simp with this logic. Takes too to tango. If a woman lets a man cum inside of her that would make a poor father she is at fault. Even more so since she carried the child to term and had many opportunities to abort the pregnancy. Women need to take responsibility and use practical sense in addition to vagina tingles when selecting a partner.

    "Often times a baby daddy is the one that is blamed for doing this."
    • StephanieL

      Why can't we talk about the fact that the men who shouldn't have a child are the ones cumming inside a bunch of women. Why is it not their responsibility as well? I've always been on the pill so I don't take offense personally. But I do have a lot of friends ho are single moms.

    • Anonymous

      @StephanieL It is but women are more at fault because 1. They lack the skills to weed these men out as fathers for their children 2. Even after becoming pregnant have the option to abort it early on but continue to birth the child despite knowing the dad does not have the necessary traits to be a father.

  • Anonymous
    they can meet someone who is single dad
  • Anonymous
    I don’t know why single mothers deserve more blame than single fathers and I don’t think we need to shame anybody. Plenty single parents are doing really, really good in life and there is more blended families these days.

    Most time women does not get pregnant to get money or to keep a man.

    Yay so much fun to carry a baby for nine months, sleepless nights, sore breast from breastfeeding etc for a little cash, sure cash is the only reason why anyone would be a parent and kids are so cheap, not like you need to buy things for them, take them places and make savings for them. And having a child will never solve a relationship issue if there is problems, it will likely add more. Can build on a rocky foundation.

    It take two to get pregnant but it also takes two to make the relationship work. And if the guy is abusive, it is better for her to leave him and if the girl is abusive the guy should protect the baby and leave her.

    I don’t know who made you angry, but virtual hug. 🌸 perhaps look into why you end up dating these type of women, I have never heard any of my family or friends talk about guys like that single parents or not.

    And about being last? Grow up. It is different when you have a kid regardless of it is your own or not. Kids need that love and attention. I think when you have kids and are in a relationship whether it is with stepparents or biological then you talk about the type of relationship you want and you make it like that, show each other love, be affectionate, plan date nights and nights out.

    But of course I get it, not everybody wants to date somebody with kids and not everybody wants kids and that’s totally fine and it is great if you know what you want. But to blame women like that, and the reasonings sounds more like hurt and pain than actual reasons why.
    • Usually single fathers come about due to mom dying and/or being better capable parent than the mother and taking full custody of the child. Single mothers often come about due to poor dating choices of the woman.

    • Anon... Bullshit. Pregnancy is almost never a "mistake".

      "It takes two to make a relationship work"... no shit, did you think that up all by yourself? How about not being a psychotic, demanding, competitive, OCD, BPD, disaster; and actually think about what is best for your CHILD? Women are so fucking selfish when it comes to children, you will do whatever you want as opposed to what is good for the child. Here is a clue -stop chasing Alpha cock, stop riding thug cock, don't chase away good men because they are not Alphas or thugs... THIS is what is best for your kids.

    • @Lookingforthetruth Very true. It takes a miracle for the father to get custody of the kids.

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  • Anonymous
    There are definitely more scenarios of single moms than you show and with high divorce rates and marriage on the decline many babies were planned by both partners and are not an accident. If I leave my partner I am successful and plan to not give a shit how men like you perceive me 😂 I can understand someone wanting to start their own family and not get involved with the complexity of a pre existing one however.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah I agree. I'd put it another way as well: The reality of modern life today is that if you are an adult the vast, vast, VAST majority of problems in your life are YOUR fault. Not your parents, not society--yours. And that's a GOOD thing, because it means that i's pretty easy to reduce the amount of suffering in your life--just do fewer stupid things.

    If you're a single guy, what's an EPICLY stupid thing you could do? Get involved with a single mom. You're NOT involved with one now (you're single after all). You don't HAVE to be involved with one--just choose not to. Problem avoided! Your life is now MUCH better than it would otherwise have been and all you needed to do was avoid doing something retarded.
  • Anonymous
    I think your take shows a very limited view. I also think it shows the mens' attitude women have to deal with. But also a little bit of truth.

    Being a single mom myself, I can assure you that it's much more layered, but I'll limit it to 2 classes. You have single moms that were married started a family, it didn't work out and the parents separate, sometimes when the kids are already a little older. I know a lot of these women and they have less problems with what you describe since their life is more stable.

    Then there is also the second class of single moms, often a little younger, who got pregnant but it wasn't planned and the family dream falls apart at a bad moment. I personally belonged to that group. And you can read the attitude of men toward us in your take and in the comments. Men tend to degrade us to being the town slut, and when it happens, it's not that easy to go against that. When you have to raise a kid by yourself and make money, have a shit week every week, no time to seriously date, it's tempting to let that guy from the bar mount you real quick for some pleasure and to get out of your mom role for a moment. You notice the way men approach is different, the sex is different, and also my attitude for caring about it is different.

    I am now on my way to turning it around. I've had that phase. I feel that it is possible. I really advise single moms who were in my position to change it, take time and find love when you're ready for it. Or even better, try to be strong and don't fall into that phase at all. It's possible to change but it's not easy. There are men out there who will accept you even with the bagage you carry, but some men will keep seeing you as the slut who swallowed their nut in the men's room, as ordinary as it sounds.
    • True

    • shalt

      Damn I felt this, and I also 100% agree as a guilty man

    • Anonymous

      @shalt fucked a single mom or just saw her as a slut?

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  • Anonymous
    Considering the rate of paternity fraud in the US, why would any man want to knowingly take on the task of raising another man's children when that another man may not even know he has a child in first place?
  • Anonymous
    You missed one argument; granted it isn't as common in this day and age. However, I don't want to date someone who has more sexual experience than me. So as a virgin, a single mother says that she isn't a virgin anymore; and has more experience than me.
    • No, he didn't miss it. Double standard. It's okay for man to be whorish, promiscuous, have multiple partners, non-virgin... Yet, still thinks "he's" suppose to have a virgin or a woman with 1 experience before meeting him. Yet, wonders why a woman doesn't want to have sex with him on the first date or before marriage (oh, he thinks she's gaming him, so she's withholding) .

      Men who think this why are not men. They're stuck in a Peter Pan Syndrome. And, females who deal with them or fall are prey to them are they same. Girls and boys in adult bodies being silly minded.

      It's cool to have a preference or standard for a relationship.

      I agree. I'm conscious of men who have had a promiscuous lifestyle along with children.

    • It says a lot abouts man if he did not live life of self-control sexually.

    • Anonymous

      It isn't a double standard; I hold myself to the same standard. Or did you not read the part where I say that I am a virgin?

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