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Why some nice girls get ignored - my take on it

Why some nice girls get ignored - my take on it

There was a high profile medical student in my school that must have had dozens of girls he could have dated and he married a decently looking but highly normalized person with seemingly extremely ordinary personality characteristics and plain and unassuming anatomical attributes.

One day I had an unintentional conversation with her even though we were strangers and I realized she was one of the nicest people I had ever met and it was immediately obvious to me why this doctor chose to be with her. Any person who respects God and spends his whole life trying to heal hurting people is going to treasure genuine kindness involving gratitude, openness, trust, appreciation, empathy and authenticity.

The reason many nice girls are ignored, is that their kindness is plastered by superficial concerns and is not authentic or sincere, they are nice not because they care but because they guy is good looking, or they want him to like her, or they want his time or money or body, or they pretend to be nice for personal gain, or their kindness to the man and his friends or family comes at the cost of disrespect to themselves or their families or jobs, etc… Like the fake who pretends to be a nice guy for dates, the fake who pretends to be a nice girl for romantic advantages, is not liked by good men.

Why some nice girls get ignored - my take on it
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  • alance99
    Same thing happens with guys, most people can't look at the geniune side of a person but in long run only good people survive and be with their loved ones till last breath
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    • t-8900

      It takes us longer but yes. At the end of the day we can look at ourselves in the mirror and also die with dignity

    • alance99

      Totally agree with you

  • cth96190
    Nice girls?
    I did not meet any.
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  • MzAsh
    Many nice girls are ignored because they don’t excite men in any outstanding way. They tend to be bland and boring. They also tend to lack boundaries and most men don’t respect that and only predators looking for a doormat will want her around.
    Also, if you’re primarily being nice because you think you’ll be rewarded in some way (in this life OR after) it’s not sincere.
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  • MsTaniaUncensored
    I agree. Do not be nice only when it benefits yourself in some way. The only benefit you should expect is respect from others and yourself for being decent and having no unfair expectations. We have all been more polite at times to make someone more receptive to being helpful towards us. But if you are only being pleasant for selfish reasons you aren't really nice at all.
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  • drakethibault1
    I know for sure, that men ignore nice girls and look for baddies, because they are in constant search for emotional drives. Sadly, most of my friends look for mini version of Bad Gal Riri or Cardi B alike girls. They, usually brag about it how hot his girlfriend is and how well she can dance in the nightclub etc. Personally, I was like that when I was like 16-17, really liked easy going or out going girls. Now I am mature and I want a woman who I can trust, because I want to spend rest of my life with her. When it comes to my friends and most of the men, they got older but they are still looking for something between Mother Theresa and Rihanna.
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    • kingz96

      Interesting... men who are self aware are rare

    • I guess You can say so. It is just I made a decision to live with my brains not with my sexual desires.

  • exitseven
    This is true. My wife is pretty but is also very kind and compassionate. She works in the medical field and works a lot with the elderly. She is amazing. She was not one of the real popular kids in high school and in college had one relationship that ended badly.
  • yofuknutz
    Somebody said that there is a parallel earth and they are LOOKING down on us, sounds crazy, yeah well so does this too. Why some nice girls get ignored - my take on itWhy some nice girls get ignored - my take on it
  • Fukaroo
    Being nice has never got anybody anywhere in this world. Even the preacher at your local church isn't nice. They will tell you about your so called sins and why you are condemned. I've been "nice" in many situations in my lifetime. I realized that people will ignore you and treat you like dirt. I'm not saying that being nice is wrong. It just doesn't work in this world. People will walk all over you for being nice to them. Usually when someone is being nice it's just how they deal with tense situations.
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  • Shizunk
    I generally trust women. Pretending to be nice wouldn't fool me for long. But also, I would take a somewhat disagreeable woman if that meant I could rely on her. Principled, pragmatic always keeping promises and honoring commitments, that trumps kindness easily. May be that's the reason I dont get disappointed by dishonest people and don't meet that many girls who are just nice and little else. Or pretend to be nice. I probe everyone for principles and if they can't articulate them, I lose respect quickly. People who don't care about principles rarely even have the patience to talk about them in the first place.
  • crazy8000
    There are many factors why it is like that.
    It depends little bit on case by case.
    The fake behavior many female's pull play in in many time's.
    Gives signals of someone that tries to hard.
    Gives signals of no interest.
    Gives signals of the darkest side of humanity ( personality disorder/disturbances )
    To good to be true is an other one.
    Doesn't do what's needed to get someone.
    Doesn't take initiative or put any effort.
    Ignores those that are/show interest and say no one is interested in her ( little to comon scenario amongst females ) .
    Goes after people that aren't into her.
    Her physical attribute.
    Appear to not have the right personality traits.
    Comes of as creepy/non-sexual./sucks in bed/un able to give love in the right way.

    We can go on.

    Female's aren't perfect by nature. never been.
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  • Fromdusktilldawn
    I think I never met nice gifls in real life. I met one on instagram once, she was so sweet, cute and so friendly but she lives too far away
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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    That is also why some nice guys get ignored
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  • mert11345678
    because we men are so afraid of rejection.
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    • gag2021

      I think many guys are tired of rejection. I am.

  • Starwitch23
    Guys don't like niceness.
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  • Anonymous
    Nice guys too, I might add.
  • Anonymous
    I have not met any nice girls
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