3 Reasons Why YOU are in the Friendzone (it’s you’re fault)

3 Reasons Why YOU are in the Friendzone (it’s you’re fault)

friendzone, the friendzone is that dreaded dark place where your crush puts you because you were such an idiot to ask them out and they say “yeah, we’re just friends, sorry” the place where they’ll probably never talk to you, where you are trapped in the most secure prison in the world and can never get out.

Ok, that’s kinda over dramatic of me, but why do people get put in the friendzone? This is a question so many guys (and girls) ask, why? Their are a number of reasons why this might happen but it all whittles down to basically 3 things, one is that you’re intentions aren’t clear enough. You aren’t clear to her/him about what you intend to do with them, if you aren’t clear enough they might mistake that you intend on being friends with them. That’s a major reason of how you get in the friendzone. So scaryman how do I fix that? Flirt with you’re crush send signs you like them (be subtle) make it known you’re interested in them romantically not as a friend.

The second major reason is that you are too shy and they don’t know you. So here, I can only tell you to try to get to know them, talk to them and if you suck at talking at least let them know you, try to break the “random person” barrier and let them know you exist or else they will never ever like you back.

the third, and final reason is that, you treat them like a friend this thing goes hand in hand with rule number 1 of you’re intentions. If you treat her/him like a friend she/he will treat you like a friend so stop treating them like a friend and treat them like you like them.

3 Reasons Why YOU are in the Friendzone (it’s you’re fault)
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