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Girls: you don’t know but guys LOVE this

Girls: you don’t know but guys LOVE this

Making the first move
. This may be obvious enough but guys LOVE it when you make the first move as, first, guys usually do it, and when a girl does it, it’s unexpected and it makes you stand out. Second, it shows you have some balls, us guys love when a girl wants us enough to make the first move it also shows she’s confident. And lastly it takes the pressure off of us for once and let’s someone else do the work.

Shooting US the first text. So this may just be me but I personally love it when a girl reaches out to me first thing in the morning to check up or when she’s the one that suggests to hang out because this shows she actually cares and is kinda nice as us guys usually send the first text.

Talking about our feelings. Many guys (including me) only have 1-3 guys we can truly trust, and even than we rarely actually get time to talk about our feelings so getting someone to talk about with us is really nice especially if we had a hard day and need to vent.

I could go on and on but the main ideas here is do the unexpected thing that guys usually do (unless they don’t want you to do it) because it is a nice change for them. Or just do something they aren’t used to (in a good way) because we need change and it helps us grow.

Girls: you don’t know but guys LOVE this
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  • Cynicaldreamer
    While this is a very well written mytake, these concepts only work if the guy is attracted or interested in you.
    Believe me, I've done most, if not all, of those points towards guys I was interested in or had a crush on: texted him first, initiated conversation, made an effort to get to know him better, asked him out...

    Still got friendzoned, ignored, or rejected. Why? They weren't interested in me. Same concept applies to men- you can discuss feelings, hang out with, or text a woman EVERY single day. But if the attraction isn't there, it's a moot point.
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    • True true but this is under the assumption that one person like the other or the feelings mutual

  • Brittanyroseee
    Wait really? One of the guys i was hooking up with, he ghosts me each time after we hangout and he always tells me he didn’t have a good time and that im not his type. But the first time we hooked up, he told me it made him uncomfortable how i was making the first move. He said i came off too strong. But my other guy friends told me that he is weird and that they wished a female would make the first move😂
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    • Yeah that is off maybe he likes to chase?

    • malwins

      so u keep having sex w him even though he doesn't like u 😐

Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    Making the first move and text is good. If women want men to pursue them, they need to show that there is even a little bit of interest or we just aren’t going to waste our time.

    Talking about feelings though is a trap. Never talk about the hard time you’re going through to a girlfriend or wife. They claim they want guys to open up to them and then they lose respect for you.
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    • Not if they are a good girlfriend or wife I think that if they truly care about you they will actually gain respect

  • Raidernation01
    I disagree with this. It may seem like we like it at first, because it's very flattering if a woman likes us, especially an attractive woman. The bad thing about it is courtship between a man and a woman if not traditional can turn out bad. It is the man's job to court the woman.
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    • I think that you do have a good point there but making the first move and chasing to me are two different things and that it doesn’t matter who makes the first move as long as the man ends up chasing the woman

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  • Kate090
    Girls don’t really appreciate initiating everything first. I don’t ever ask guys out on dates.. ever. Especially if I really like the guy. I will give him signs that I’m interested, and be easy going around him so he’ll ask me out. Girls don’t need to do all that, it’s the guys who are naturally good at being the hunters, it’s in their nature to do so.
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    • You don’t HAVE to do that ofc but it’s just a nice thing to do

    • Well you still live in the middle ages and believe in toxic gender roles.

    • Kate090

      Lol. You all started this toxic gender crap. It’s too bad many men are becoming pussies

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  • ninjastaar
    I asked my guys bout this they agreed they said there hella pressure we don't understand they have on then vs us being bold we have better chance getting with our crushes vs them asking a girl out we say what wrong with it ladies the decline be harsh as hell people will disagree with my guys but hey I don't they actually are guys with real opinions so this is very helpful will try this more thanks
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  • MCheetah
    Yes. Basically women putting in some f*cking effort on their part, for once. Very few women actually try. when it comes to courtship. All us men have to do all the work, and then if it fails, we have to take all the blame as well. So yes, us men LOVE IT when women actually do something for us, for a change.
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    • Kate090

      LOL. Tough shit. We all deal with rejection at one point or another. Ladies get rejected too. Men are the hunters, it’s in your nature!! The girl is more valuable to the guy when he actually has to put in the effort to win her over. That’s just the way it is and will always be.

  • ChrisMaster69
    Fairly good my take, however country and culture will come in to it, even region of a country.

    What you describe about girls making the first move, is normal where I am, girls are very independent and will pretty much tell a guy to get moving, he’s pulled.

    The really hard bit for both guys and girls is working out if the other person is even interested before you make a move to ask or indicate you are available.

    The easy bit is the asking, the hard bit for me is working out if there is an interest and also are they available, dating, relationship, engaged, married.

    The other thing is (and I’ve seen this) is some guys panic, get nervous when a girl walks over and chats him up.

    I took a friend from near London up to Newcastle, we were in a pub, while I was at the bar, 2 girls came over and sat at our table and started chatting to my friend, he was like a rabbit in the head lights.

    the other important bit is even if a girl comes over and chats a guy up, she is not offering anything and that’s really important as I’ve seen guys get totally the wrong idea and blow it big time, as they expected things to be easy.
  • Vikkrram
    Yeah so true... buddy if any girl do this believe me she would have respect of mine... wether if i like her or not. And i wish my crush could have done this... Then beleive me i wouldn't let her go...😅
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  • MzAsh
    The problem with this is, most women don’t show just a little bit of interest when they text first or make the first move. They chase and it turns men off.
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  • England4eva
    Mmm I’m not sure about this one. I think it completely depends on the guy. If you give all your cards away early he feels he no longer has to win you over. This is super important to the psychology of a guy.
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  • ElvenMr
    Talking about feelings can backfire in my opinion, if the girl thinks you are weak, when you shared your feelings about something. Talking about her feelings is always okay, your feelings as a man? Not so much in my experience.. she'll just shrug it off, or disappear from the conversation, until you bring up something else, which interests her.

    It might be different when you are already in a relationship with the girl, but until then, it's not really worth talking about i think.
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  • hsshannah96
    Guys HATE when I ask them about their feelings and they give me a dirty look when I make the first move. Good try
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  • FlutteringFeelings
    I’ll have to disagree. Dating men who’s used to women throwing themselves on him by wanting to initiate everything is the usual. Allowing a guy to show he’s interested and reciprocating is a win for both. Never over extend yourself or give less than what you’re receiving.

    Look at the GAG’s questions on here and see how many women initiated things with a guy and it didn’t work in their favor. By the 2nd day or by the end of the first week he’s gone or dry texting and she’s wondering what did she do wrong. Allowing the guy to give a green light signal avoids the miscommunication. Women will see a red light and assume “Oh he likes me let me ask him out on a second date when he barely mentioned if he liked the first date or not.”

    People get too caught up into what sounds good on here and that mentality doesn’t work the same in reality. In the real word if a woman decides to initiate everything with a man she’s going to get her feelings hurt.
  • Ninaface
    Whenever I make the first move, guys see me as intimidating, desperate, or loose. Doesn't really work well, so I tend to just let guys ask me if that's what they want.
    Texting first, I've always done that. I like texting the guy I like, and maybe I overdo it a bit sometimes since I get excited but he'll say he doesn't mind. Only issue is when a girl shows that much of her sleeve to the guy, he usually ends up taking advantage of it and manipulates the power in the relationship.
    As for talking about feelings, I find it's either impossible to get a guy to open up, or else he just whines and complains about everything.
    • Cowboy6666

      I have never judged a girl who make first move, also I love talkative girls. I am into texting too :)

  • 2021biguy
    I like it when a girl lets me know that she likes me. Sure there has to be physical attraction though.
  • Xtcy2083
    Makes sense. Good 'MyTake'. :)
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  • anon1903
    Not all of them do, majority? Probably.
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  • boobliker
    i will say Yess to that too
  • Anonymous
    i hv a question... i mean if girls do text first, wht's there to talk about?
    i mean it gets awkward for me when i text my crush...
  • Anonymous
    Good mytake, all true.

    And as usual, the fake dating coach who wrote the below quote is 100% wrong about men. And she knows that, but she's only interested in pushing her BS agenda. She is motivated by bitterness toward men, not by helping women.

    "The problem with this is, most women don’t show just a little bit of interest when they text first or make the first move. They chase and it turns men off."
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