Girls: you don’t know but guys LOVE this

Girls: you don’t know but guys LOVE this

Making the first move
. This may be obvious enough but guys LOVE it when you make the first move as, first, guys usually do it, and when a girl does it, it’s unexpected and it makes you stand out. Second, it shows you have some balls, us guys love when a girl wants us enough to make the first move it also shows she’s confident. And lastly it takes the pressure off of us for once and let’s someone else do the work.

Shooting US the first text. So this may just be me but I personally love it when a girl reaches out to me first thing in the morning to check up or when she’s the one that suggests to hang out because this shows she actually cares and is kinda nice as us guys usually send the first text.

Talking about our feelings. Many guys (including me) only have 1-3 guys we can truly trust, and even than we rarely actually get time to talk about our feelings so getting someone to talk about with us is really nice especially if we had a hard day and need to vent.

I could go on and on but the main ideas here is do the unexpected thing that guys usually do (unless they don’t want you to do it) because it is a nice change for them. Or just do something they aren’t used to (in a good way) because we need change and it helps us grow.

Girls: you don’t know but guys LOVE this
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