Which is Your Perfect Date? Tall or Short?

It’s no secret… when females are asked about their dream man, it is common for the words “tall, dark and handsome” to be expressed to describe him. For many men, their dream woman is Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Olivia Wilde or the like (feel free to add the hottest celebrities you can name here).

Finding the Perfect Person

In reality, “tall, dark and handsome” are not the only three qualities that women are seeking in a man and a man will definitely date a woman that doesn’t exactly measure up to his fantasy of Scarlet Johansson. For many of us, guys included, we have a list of qualities we want our dream person to possess.

perfect date This long list of qualities is common for both genders; one list is just as unrealistic as the other. When we are single, we find ourselves looking for that perfect person. We want one person to possess all of these qualities, both in personality and looks. As much as we don’t want to admit it and despite what our relatives tell us, we are not perfect ourselves and yet, we still seek someone that accepts us unconditionally (flaws and all!). Dating is tough enough and we don’t make it any easier by putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves or others.

Don’t Date with your Eyes

When you are dating, the first step to actually being able to find someone is to throw out that unrealistic list of the perfect person. If you must, make a new list containing the qualities that are most important to you to find in a potential romantic partner (such as family oriented, wants/does not want kids, smokes/doesn’t smoke, etc.). Stay away from listing “blonde, D cups and a butt I could bounce a quarter off of…”

We all have our tastes and that’s great. We are attracted to the people we are attracted to and to each his own. However, if your type hasn’t worked out for you thus far, maybe you should broaden your horizons and explore dating the many different types of women that are out there. You may find something different that you like, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try.

Men, Women and Height

Height can be a touchy subject for men. Some men feel that if they are short, they aren’t desirable to the opposite sex; some women are shallow enough to shun short men, but why would you want to date a woman like that anyway? Unless she looks like Sophia Vergara, she’s not perfect and has no place to judge. In addition, that type of woman has her own set of issues. Same goes for a man… if you’re going to judge a woman solely on her height, then you probably have some other ignorant qualities that will leave you spending most of your nights alone.

When we are single, we find ourselves looking for that perfect person.

Date with an Open Mind

By no means should you ever settle. Don’t go out on a date with someone you have no interest in, but do go out with someone if she is taller or shorter than what you dreamed your ideal date would be. If she’s taller than you, she can wear flats. If she’s shorter than you, she can wear heels; it’s the beauty of the fashion industry. Oh, first world problems.

She’s Not Perfect, Neither are You

Whether a female is tall or short should not be the eliminating factor of a potential date. Let’s face it, you may wish you were a little bit taller or have a six-pack, so offer the same courtesy of a chance and acceptance that you wish to be given by a woman that piques your interest.

Height doesn’t define the quality of a person; looks don’t either. If you’re attracted to your date, but she’s taller or shorter than you would like, don’t be an idiot… give it a chance. If you can’t get passed the height of your date, you may just not be ready to date or to commit to a serious relationship right now.

Despite how many people are searching for love, it’s still something not everyone finds. In a world of odds and fate (whichever you believe in), when you meet someone, whether she is tall or short, she could potentially be “the one”. You will never know, until you open your eyes and your heart to the possibility of something great.


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  • tall fat guys are the best :P. thought that may be because I've only ever been with one guy and he's tall and fat :3

  • treat me right haha thats all i care about looks dont matter

  • My perfect date is taller than me


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