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Most common critiques when men review a woman's online dating profile

Most common critiques when men review a woman's online dating profile

I launched “Online Dating Profile Critiques” on Anterose.com earlier this year and since then I have learned a lot about what bothers men and women in dating profiles. While guys are way more likely than girls to not care about grammar and focus more on the pictures, they still definitely have common themes in what bothers them in profiles, and this can indicate the most common issues in women’s profiles.

Appearing snobby

While women tend to be concerned about men being “arrogant”, men tend to phrase it more as “snobby.” Just like in a guy’s profile, it’s best for a woman to come across as confident but still a bit humble, so that they don’t get into that danger zone of arrogance or snobbiness. Appearing snobby in a profile can be a quick buzzkill for a lot of guys.

Not giving much effort to look nice in photos

Perhaps men are more superficial, but we do see more critiques of photos in which the guys apparently are disappointed that the women don't seem to put forth any effort to look nice in the photos. Some guys suggest getting professional photos or simply getting a little spruced up with makeup and jewelry. Shallow or not, it's seemingly pretty important.

Most common critiques when men review a woman's online dating profile

No full body photos

Again, men are perhaps more visual in their analysis of a woman on a dating site, but they definitely want to see the “whole package,” including at least one photo where you can see the woman’s figure, not just her face.

Looking unhappy in photos

Profiles in which the woman looks like she is having a bad time in most or all of her pictures are quick to get the suggestion of looking happier. Share a smile and have a variety of photos to display your interests and personality.

Only very close up or only far away pictures

Profiles in which the pictures are all close up shots of the face only are as quick to get critiqued as profiles in which all the pictures are shots from a distance. Men are visual and want a variety of photos.

Being negative

Men that review profiles are quick to point out when the women are self-deprecating or overall negative. Be positive, be happy, be optimistic, and you’ll come across as a more enjoyable person to spend time with.

Most common critiques when men review a woman's online dating profile


When surveyed, guys' biggest fear in online dating is often getting duped by a woman who is being dishonest about herself. Accordingly, if a guy thinks you may not be presenting yourself honestly in your profile, he’s less likely to approach you or respond to messages. “Catfishing,” or deceiving people online into believing you are someone that you're not, is common and as scary to men as it is to women.

Written by Stuart Brent

Founder of Anterose.com Online Dating Profile Critiques. Have 10 men or women in the age range you want to date give custom and private feedback on your profile to find what’s holding you back from online dating success.

Most common critiques when men review a woman's online dating profile
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous

    Nice article!
    I noticed that about pictures too when I used to try online dating. If you didn't already have a full body shot, that was one of the first things they asked for.

    • See, now so many guys say it doesn't matter what a girl looks like. It's her personality they're attracted to. If that's the case, why do so many guys ask for a full body shot? ;)
      🌟 🌟 Free book: "Woman to Women" @ smashwords. com/books/view/938595 🌟 🌟

    • @Adelphïné Lol, we wanna see what you look like. What's wrong with that? It's really that simple. :P

    • Lliam

      @Adelphïné, guys who say they don't care what a girl looks like are being dishonest. Or maybe what they mean to say is they are flexible about their preferences and don't have a particular "type". They also don't judge merely on appearance.
      But, that being said, I can't imagine anyone wanting to date someone they have never seen. It may be more about reading body language and seeing if someone looks genuine, rather than judging boob size or figure.
      Then again, saying that personality is all one is attracted to is dishonest. "Oh, she has such a wonderful personality! But wait a minute. Oh my God! She looks like my mom!"

What Girls & Guys Said

  • Pinay_ako

    Don't forget to add: too much filters on their picture.

  • Id add coming off as too demanding.

  • MostPaloney23

    A main pic that's a shot with a guy not disclaimed as family, height requirements, or just writing your not your age are instantly left swipes. There's other cliches I see that I can mention, but those are absolutely guaranteed for me.

  • Dragonstarterplus

    Things women should stop doing on their profile

    Pics with stupid MySpace angles to hide body
    All pics are of the neck up to hide body
    Pics with snapchat filters
    All pics are group pics so nobody knows who you are
    "Ask me."
    When your About Me section has nothing about you and instead talks about what you want in a guy, how you picked a bad guy previously so the next guy will have to pay for his mistakes
    Bad grammar and abbreviations

  • shadowlegend

    I have some of the same frustrations, dating sites drive me crazy heh, I've written some posts on my site about the topic, it would be great of you checked it out and shared your opinion @ getresurgatized. wordpress

  • Bananaman177

    My most common critique is:

    "This bitch actually thinks she's some kind of celebrity because she takes slutty pictures of herself."

    That's all I see, is women who think they're taking glamour shots of themselves all day long.

    I just think, "Man, too bad I'm not looking for a fake relationship, 'cause here are all the fake bitches a man could ever dream of."

  • Thatsamazing

    The no-full-body-photos one is an instant "uh oh" from any guy who even barely knows what he's doing. Usually means she's fat and is afraid of it. I never even looks twice at girls that only have face shots.

  • ishplump

    that's pretty good advice, I have a full body shot on my profile, but I still get request to give them another picture, do you think I need to take another one, I'm not big on picture taking so I only have a few.

  • Stuart-Brent

    Sparrow24 - Yeah, definitely. Guys feel really duped if you show up to a date and they didn't accurately know your body type. It can be a quick way to distinguish polite guys from jerks!

  • Lliam

    Attempting to make sexy faces like duck lips is also a turn off. There's nothing like a bright smile.

  • Kaytiee

    I have to disagree with the makeup, most women put on brows and mascara at least, but I've actually seen a lot of men particually on this website who don't like makeup, find It meh or absolutely hate It as they see It as "faking"

    It depends If you mean, foundation mascara, lashes, lips brows concealer etc which Is what most women do which Is quite "fake" It doesn't change the face much but helps cover acne and blemishes dark circles and such makes women more radiant.

    Or whether you mean my kind of "easy" makeup which Is just mascara and a lip gloss.

    It all differs from person to person but I've actually never seen a man list he likes makeup on this site yet except you.

    • I don't hate make up, but it's nice to see photos with and without. Of course, if a girl looks good without makeup, that's a dream come true.

    • I think the guys who say they don't like make up are virtue signalling, or they're afraid of visual duplicity.

  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    I don't use dating websites/ apps, but if I did, I imagine these are warning signs that would turn me off.

  • Stuart-Brent

    @ishplump - That's up to you. I think having a nice assortment of pictures to show off your style, and different aspects of personality, is always good. People want to see a variety.

  • BassistForever

    The fact that 4/6 of the issues men have with the profile have to do with the picture make me never want to use a dating site ever.

    • molan

      Good, real life is so much better anyway.

    • zagor

      But that is the only thing you have to go on at first. They can say anything they want in the text. Everyone can have a Stanford Ph. D.

  • zagor

    No pics of just her. Yeah, it's nice you have friends, but I can meet them later. When in every pic you have to determine which one is her, I move on.

  • Stuart-Brent

    @BassistForever Men are pretty visual creatures. I swear we're not all pigs.

    • molan

      So are women, they uses profile pictures to sort out men as well.

  • Men should beware of meeting women online now thanks to filters and magic makeup.

  • Browneye57

    Check out my 'take on this... pretty funny. ;)

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • Cmcelts15

    Everyone has a different preference

  • Anonymous

    Nice take. I'll add one, and that is heavy makeup. It's no secret that there is a big backlash among men in recent years about makeup. The reason is the trend among women toward fakeness. It seems fake everything is in fashion these days... fake boobs, fake eyelashes, painted or tattooed on eyebrows, botox everywhere, dyed hair, heavy makeup, fake nails... on and on. It has become a huge turnoff to most guys.

    Many guys "think" they like no makeup, but what they really like is light, well done makeup that isn't noticeable.

    • Kaytiee

      Exactly, are you a girl because damn you're knowledgeable about light makeup and no makeup so many guys don't know the difference and I appreciate you knowing it.

    • Anonymous

      @Kaytiee Haha, thanks. Nope I'm not a girl but I have a girlfriend and we talk about stuff. I hear guys all the time saying they prefer no makeup, but mostly that's not true. But it also seems a lot of girls put on way too much makeup and there is nothing worse than heavy makeup, big fake eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows with the perfect, sharp angle in the middle. Ugh!