How to conquer the mind of a man?


How to conquer the mind of a man?

The first thing that makes an impression on men is your exterior, but after 10 minutes, it becomes plan B. This is why you should know a few tricks to make you more seductive.

Being sexy.

Every woman has sex appeal, although some might be more hesitant. You just have to let it out - this makes men go crazy. Eye contact, look him in the eyes and make him guess your thoughts. Maybe a playful smile? It attracts his eyes.The feminine crossing of legs makes a good impression on men also.


There is no man on this planet who doesn't love being flattered - not only women love hearing compliments about their looks. There is nothing out of place when you tell a man he looks good. Be honest. Don't be shy.


Listen to him carefully, and remember what he likes. You might realize you have same interests, which makes things great for the both of you. For instance, if he is talking generally, about liking girls with less make up, think about going on your second date with him more natural look - he might be giving you a sign that you look prettier without makeup. The judge of a man is always right. Explore what his interested in. He likes pasta? You have cooking skills? Even better. Do something special, he will be really flattered that you remembered what he likes

Let him be the man.

And accordingly, you be the woman.Men love knowing,how they made you happy, so let him do the small gestures,which will feed his ego. For instance,he took you out to dinner. Let him pay the bill,without telling him " Oh no,no. You don't have to." the fact,that he paid for your salad,doesn't mean you owe him something.

Don't be easy, but keep his interest.

He won't take you seriously if you start making more intimate offers to him. He wouldn't mind the fact that you are liberated either. There are many ways of showing your interest to him without making it all wrong. Just think of how many ways there are to seduce a man.

Do something unforgettable.

Something that no other woman has ever done to him. This means you should really try if you want to leave an imprint to his consciousness. At least you can be sure that you're the only one he's thinking about.

How to conquer the mind of a man?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    Okay, I don't really agree with most of what you wrote here. I'm not going to act in a way that I am not comfortable with just to get a guy's attention. For example:

    1. "Being sexy. Every woman has sex appeal, although some might be more hesitant." This is far from true. I have no sex appeal and if I were to actually "try" to be sexy, it would look so damn awkward. I would much rather just be myself, even if it doesn't come across as "sexy."

    2. On the topic of compliments, yes, compliments are great. Everyone likes to know that the person they're dating is attracted to them. However, I feel very "weird" when it comes to giving AND receiving compliments. I'm not a super outgoing person and I tend to be shy around guys I like so it would feel awkward for me to come on strong to a guy, such as aggressively complimenting him.

    3. "if he is talking generally, about liking girls with less make up, think about going on your second date with him more natural look" How about no, I'm going to continue wearing as much makeup as I like. I don't really wear a lot of makeup to begin with but just because one guy tells me he dislikes makeup doesn't mean I'm going to start wearing any less than my "normal" amount. If how much makeup I wear is that much of a problem then he shouldn't be dating me anyway.

    Basically, I don't feel that I should act a certain way in order to get a man to like me. Either a guy likes me for who I am or he doesn't. End of story.
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    • molan

      1. It is true that far from all woman are sexy, age and fitness is quite significant to sexsyness. However, being sexy for a young fit woman is something is by default, it's not about what she were or how she acts, she simply is. If your profile picture is you, then you are sexy too as you are.

      To quote Quinn Harris from the movies "Six Days Seven Nights":
      "You know how a woman gets a man excited? She shows up. That's it. We're guys, we're easy. Of course for that you can't charge six bucks an issue, now can you?"

      3. True, but a lot of makup is a turn off for many, myself included I'll never go for girls who uses a lot of makup. Be unwilling to change a bit and you will exclude a lot of opportunities, goes for both genders.
      Relationships includes compromises in non essential issues, never forget that.

      If makup is essential, then you are right of course.

    • @molan I don't use a lot of makeup but I'm not going to stop using the little bit I do just because some guys don't like it. That's ridiculous. And again, if my wearing makeup is such an issue then the guy shouldn't be with me in tbe first place. Compromise doesn't mean not wearing makeup just because a guy doesn't like makeup.

    • molan

      That is what I meant with the 'essential' part, there are essentials and non essentials, depends on what it is you should change or not.

      If you use only a little bit of makup, then the man should compromise or loose the opportunity with you, but it's all depends.

      Smoking is essential, you either do or don't, I would never compromise and be with a girl who smokes, but I'll accept a bit of make-up no problems. See my point about it being essential or not!!

Most Helpful Guy

  • godfatherfan
    You started off right on the money then completely derailed...
    Your 2 areas of "let him be the man" and "Don't be easy, but keep his interest" are way off the mark. They sound like something a very young woman would say. A relationship should be equal. not all guys can afford to pay every time you go out. so the woman should at least offer to pay once and a while. he may not want you to, but you should offer. Personally, when I start dating a woman, if we go on 3 dates, and she does not offer to pay at least once, I will break it off and look elsewhere.
    also, sex is very important to an adult relationship. Women seem to think that guys "lose repect" for them if they have sex "too soon" Most guys will respect a woman that decides things for herself much more then a woman that lets society dictate what she should do with her body. If you have the chemistry, you should feel free to have sex at any time. 1st date or 10th date. but usually it is understood sex is "on the table" from the 3rd date on...
    otherwise I really liked what you wrote and I would say the rest is right on the money.
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    • nnejak94

      I like these amendments. I like to pay for a meal, but I also like to know that she at least acknowledges that it can be an inconvenience. I'll always gladly pay for dinner (I don't ask a girl out unless I know I can cover both of us), it's just the principle of it. Same as how I don't take money for gas when I drive my friends places, but it's still nice when they offer it.

      I'm big on independent thinking. If a girl is confident and does what she wants (without being bitchy about it), that's a huge turn on. I hate those "don't have sex until the ___ date" rules. God damn if you like the guy and want to have sex with him, be direct about it. Not everyone likes the "hey let's have sex" approach, but don't be afraid to send him clear signals like touching him a lot or being close to him. Hell, even start talking about sexual things to increase the tension. Just have to make your intentions and interest clear instead of playing games and beating around the bush.

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  • Phoenix98
    This aimed at men in general, which won't work since every man is different with a different mindset, goals, ambition and personality. You might tailor this instead towards a certain type of man instead of men in general because it won't work for all men.
    • Anonymous

      The examples I gave are how to make men feel special, women showing their interest. In my opinion it would attract every man in general.

    • Phoenix98

      Possibly, but not all men are subject to the same things.

  • kambo_trick3y
    • Anonymous

      Okay, this is funny hahaha

    • Glad to be of service :P

  • TheDevilInside
    Overall, this is a pretty good take. But there are some details I don't agree about:

    1. "Every woman has sex appeal"? No. I don't. lol And hey, sometimes guys like the "cute" girls instead of the sexy minxes. I'd look hilarious if I tried to be sexy.
    Nice confidence boost for women, though ;)

    2. About the wearing less makeup thing? Fine. Do it. But only if YOU want to. You shouldn't change who you are only for a man. You can do it occasionally to please him, but keep doing what you like and enjoy. If you enjoy putting on makeup on your canvas of a face, then don't stop doing that just because you're dating a man who doesn't like girls with makeup. The right man will respect you for not being a pushover and being yourself. This goes for other aspects as well, not just makeup, obviously.

    3. "Let him be the man". I actually agree with this. I don't know what other girls are so mad about. I know it's a world of feminism, and I guess I can consider myself a feminist as well (not a crazy one!), but it's a nice thing to sometimes give the guy an ego stroke. Ask him to do manly stuff for you: lift heavy things, reach for high objects, be the hero, YOUR hero. Even if you can do them yourself. Not all the time, but sometimes.

    4. "he paid for your salad": Eat whatever the hell you want on a date. And however much you want. A confident, mature man would respect you for being able to be yourself in front of him instead of pretending to not have a large appetite when you do. And don't always let him pay. It's not really considered a manly thing today anymore anyway... So carry your own weight when it comes to money.
  • Jakesusername
    You think you can control a man.
  • Prof_Don
    Another point to add is, she needs to ensure him that HE is the only man, that she has his eyes on, and doesn't have any remote interest in others.

    Time and time again, us men have seen... women in the modern day area don't show much loyalty to one man. We feel like we are ALWAYS fighting to keep her attention, or else someone else will grab her attention and "take her".

    All the above points are absolute moot, without showing that u are a "one-man woman".
  • harakiri
    'Do something unforgettable'

    *bangs his dad*

  • From a woman's point of view this is were I differ from most
    women. Because, to me all of that sounds like I'm suppose to
    be some trained circus seal who jumps through hoops to get
    someone to like me, want me and or desire me. I'm not a circus
    seal and I would never jump through all those hoops. I'm not
    very confident in myself right now and I don't want to do any of
    what's listed above. When I am confident, I'm going to want to do
    that stuff even less. Because, it just doesn't seem worth it to me.
    • I agree with that, this is point I am trying to make. Just be yourself.

    • I so agree with this. I find someone who is true to themselves is a hundred times more attractive.

    • sawno

      You know, you sound a lot more attractive then the typical girl who follows exactly whats in the article.
      Why? Because i absolutely hate games and want her to be herself.
      Its not a matter of playing hard to get or doing certain things in order to get me interested.
      Its about being yourself and doing things because you genuinely want to that will make a perfect match if the match is ment to be.

  • Would_You_Kindly
    You just made me realize where my distrust of women comes from :/
  • Well, it's a good article you wrote there. You might also want to add, that some men think with logic (I am being one of them). If girls want to keep up with men, they should start to think, said, with logic, like a man does, not playing tell-a-tale mindgames, which leads into confusion, riddles and nonsense.

    Just be straight ;)
  • emmabee11
    The one that made me cringe the msot was "Let him be a man" what are us women? submissive walk overs? lol and i think i can carry a shelf, learn to paint a wall or put together a flat pack fine... i've carried a flat pack chest of draws out of home base before and then a flat pack book shelf out of Argos lol and look at me i'm alive and buff baby lol.
    • molan

      Being a man in a relationship is not about paying for dinner or lifting heavy stuff, it's about having a place in the relationship... if you as a women is so independent you don't need a man for anything, then be single.

    • emmabee11

      Lol how about love? a relationship? we need a man for that lol and sure... id let him help out it's always easier with an extra pair of hands but in no way will i let a man just take over stuff to the point it stop me from being independant.

  • Frost_Byte
    Actually if u want a man to be all over you. Go up to him and instead of "making him guess what your thinking" just be straightforward and straight up say "i like you! Your cute" then wink and be sexy. Don't make him do so much work... honestly its tiring af.
  • Zango91
    Most of this works only in movies. Or maybe for a one night stand or a few dates.
    • Anonymous

      If I don't have experience with this, I wouldn't have written it. If it doesn't work on you, okay.

    • Zango91

      The problem with men is they don't complain much. If the girl is hot and the relationship is barely normal, they would just go with the flow. That's the cause for most relationship problems. They reveal them only when shit happens. Good to know, these gets you going. The point is, If he has no interest in you, all of these are just gonna make him see you like a creep. If he likes you, you wouldn't have to do any of these. :)

    • Anonymous

      It's logical, for this examples not to work, when the man is not attracted to the woman.

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  • Sigma88
    Conquer a man's mind o. O... Red Alert!

    Actually, this Take spells out how to attract a man quite nicely. Most men are not that complicated, when it comes to initial attraction & interest. A fairly good Take... Now, see if you can do a Take on how to keep a man >=} ...
    • Anonymous

      How to keep a man would have the same content :) but it's a good idea, I might write something about that too.

    • Sigma88

      If you do, I'll certainly read it.

  • AmberDawnxo
    I like it :) hate how some people are getting butt hurt. Again this is just her take and whats worked for her :) so maybe it will work for anouther. Thanks for your advice !
  • Anno_Domini
    If my fiancee had played games with me like all the other women I talked to and dated, then we wouldn't be here together over a year. Games are for children.
    • Anonymous

      Where exactly did you read "play games". All of my ex boyfriends respect me to this day. So all of the examples I gave are about, how to show your attraction to this man, making him feel special.

  • Words_and_Wisdom
    "Let him be a man"
    How about instead let him be whoever the hell he wants to be?
    • Anonymous

      Um, did you even read this part? Or should I repeat myself. The content is about women letting, men take care of them and men feeling good about making their women happy. Let him be the man.

    • I'm with Words_and_Wisdom. Let him be whoever he wants to be. Same goes for her.

  • Drake
    ye dont play games and shit. It is confusing and leads nowhere. but luckily i listen to a lot of rap music, so these gals can't "conquer" my mind that easy. Before i open up i make sure I've cracked your shell.
    • AdoringFan

      What has rap music to do with girls being able to "conquer" your mind?

    • Drake

      i was being sarcastic

  • abzence
    It's the year 2015 now and there nothing "manly" about paying for stuff. And there's nothing lady like to be self entitled and not even bother to show the slightest interest to contribute economically. Many women earn more money than men these days.

    The days of pampered little princesses are pretty much over. Show that you are a real woman and not some child in an adult body. Be that strong, independent woman you claim you are.

    Conquer the mind of a BOY by being his submissive princess.
    Conquer the mind of a MAN by being his equal.
  • BertMacklinFBI
    "Let him be the man - Men love knowing how they made you happy." yup that is a damn important one.
  • PiuBelloAmante
    Besides the title great take!
    the use of the word conquer, sounds a bit controlling :/

    If a girl follows these on a date with me i would definitely find it hard not to think about her!
  • Sinister
    Damn, I'd say this is probably my favourite take written to date! What you've written is exactly how I have it in my head! If this had a up vote you sure as hell got one from me & that's saying a lot.
  • Cinderellafella
    Oh my god I can't believe how limited minded most of you are, it disgust me. You didn't get what she was saying and you all are hella stupid talking shit, which is not connected to this post. Chill out dudes, you all are just some boys, u don't know nothin about being a man. UGH. Hate seeing people act too smart, not getting shit, I'm laughing. Girl, I like your take and all is true.
  • SmoothBabyDee
    This is going to be so raunchy but, if you ever get with him suck his dick. Suck it like Britney Jones! Look her up on XVideos and you'll see. I promise you he will want to marry you. Girls need to get good at head.
  • Hello_Everybody
    Well if you want to conquer the mind you would have to get there best interest and show that you can or are apart of that because a guy can get so into his interest and if you prove you can be a part of that and soon you will be his interest not conquering him but it is the ethical thing to do
  • Scrambled
    Lol... women don't even bother with conquering mine. Wouldn't know any of this. Just though of a brilliant take ha ha
  • Byakuyarko
    B%#ch, you getting in my pants but not in my wallet
  • KleinTeef
    I'd like to see another word than "conquer" ...

    - Don't be a bitch. That is all.
  • imanalienahhhhh
    Unless he's interested in something you have to say, or your mind; then you just struck out for being someone else or acting like how an article writer describes you should.
    Conquer how to be real, how about that
  • CBryan
    Guy version:
    If you like him, let him know. Skip the guessing games.
  • Ulyss
    I don't know but the majority of the list is what would drive me away and the only thing I can agree on is the take about interests
  • yellowmamba024
    For me, I would say a woman can conquer my mind if...
    1. Maintain good habits. Don't smoke so much weed. Don't drink so much. Don't fuck so many guys. (Yeah, it' s a personal preference so what?)
    2. Maintain healthy lifestyle.
    3. Goes to school and wants a job. I want an fairly intelligent woman. She doesn't need to be the smartest, just have enough brains.
    4. Fairly good looks. No I don't need her to be a supermodel
    5. Fairly mature. Again, I don't mind her having some immature traits. But at the end, I want her to be mature when she needs to be.
    6. Has self-esteem.. Has some self-esteem, but not way too much that make herself cocky.
    7. Fairly open minded and have a pleasant personality.
    • HotshotGG

      You forgot bro, she's gotta have a little bit of crazy. So when you riding her, she just freaks out and shit. Den there's kinky shit but you know what im talking about dog, im sure you got some fine pussy you spanking.

    • Yeah I get you, but not everything is about sex.

  • Neckbones13
    Lol they're so stupid so it should be easy. They don't think with the head upstairs. They think with the one downstairs
    • Hephaestus

      The bitterness is strong in this one

    • Bitches like this will say "where are all the good men?" LOL they are around, but you say shit like this and we want nothing top do with you.

    • PhiOmega

      Lol, i laughed, i don't know what with all the burthurt boys

  • RationalMale
    Not bad. Though I would comment...

    "There is no man on this planet who doesn't love being flattered..."

    You might be very surprised.
    • molan

      You might be surprised, basic physiology say all humans like to be flattered, only some of us need the flattering to be true to have any effect.

  • Attila
    If I pay for dinner... then you owe me something... like a clam buffet
  • luvme56
    Welll... not cool... we are not that easy! Are we?:(
    • molan

      Actually... yes we are.

    • luvme56

      Well she is evil then @molan teaching girls to take over our cute little brains.. lol

    • molan

      Human are rather easy, that's why seduction is possible, both sexual seduction and political /religious seduction as well.

  • chrisbigman
    How to conquer my mind? Smile at me and stare at me.
  • vekin
    Seems logic to me except the part about let him be the man
    • Anonymous

      Which part?

    • vekin

      Well everything of it

  • Pepmeister
    Conquer him with B&B, boobs and bacon
    thnx for this. ladies, do as the article says
  • rabbit316
    i think you are heavily misguided.
    • rabbit316

      you sound like you're speaking from experience with just one man. 'There is no man on this planet who doesn't love being flattered ' how do you know what guys like? did every guy on the planet tell you he loves being flattered? no, so stop spouting your bs. also, a guy who sincerely likes girls to wear less makeup? yeah, good luck finding one

    • rabbit316

      and 'Every woman has sex appeal'. dont even get me started on that

  • maggr6156
    Find a man with a mind.
  • micheal727jovanie
    Well goodluck conquering mine...
    • Gridstate

      goes as it goes

    • The tipicle mind is easy to conquer... my mind is a warzone. step foot on the battle field you may find yourself with a bleeding heart. But good story

  • Dark_Scorpio
    Never going to work.
  • bigsidharth
    are brock lesnar's daughter?
  • Surstr√∂mmingLover
    I agree. I found all your points accurate!
  • sexymax
    this was a great take i ever seen
  • Tripzz
    I agree with this, id be interested
  • JustinX9
    its better that man conquers the mind of a woman
    • and that my friend is sexist

    • JustinX9

      well women are complicated things...

    • It's never happened lol ;)

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  • ahmedshah
    Through your deeds and his stomach.
  • Liska
    True perfume always win