Valentine's Day Guide for the Busy Woman


This myTake is for you, who 've seen all those YouTube videos on outfits, hair, nails, places to go and DIY gifts for Valentine's day, and you thought 'there's no chance to have enough time for this'. Your schedule is full. You have a demanding job, you are a mother or you have exams. Though, you want to do something for Valentine's day.

1. What to buy for your significant other:

Buy him something you know he wants. Alternatively, buy him a piece of clothing. A blouse, a pullover, a T-shirt or a shirt. Something that you know he'd like. If you don't go out for too long, or you don't want to spend too much money, buy him candy.

2. What to do:

Go to your favorite bar. You already know the place is good and you don't need to make reservations. Also, you can go to a place that holds some importance for you, like the place you met, or where he proposed you. You can go to a local cafe, a small restaurant, a place that serves pizza or a pub. You can stay home, watch a movie and order something special to eat.

3. Good hygiene:

The night before, make a bath and rub your body to remove dead skin cells and shave everywhere. Put conditioner or a hair mask in your hair and while you wait for it, do a pedicure. Before you put on your pijamas, put a hydrating cream all over your body.

4. Nails:

Give your nails a good shape and paint them. Choose red for passion, black for alternative or pink for sweet. Put a transparent top coat to make your nail colour last.

5. Hair:

Leave them down, there's nothing sexier. Wear them straight, curly or wavy. Do whatever is easier and looks good on you. Do an updo, if you know how to do it. If your hair's undyed roots look bad, wear a hat, it's a nice fashion statement.

6. Make up:

Wear the same make up you'd usually wear for a night out. There is no time for experiments.

7. Clothes:

Put on an outfit that you reserve for special occasions and know that looks good on you. Another idea, is to wear a black dress, which suits every occasion. If you want to wear pants, choose a pair in black colour, because they look more formal. Combine them with a dressy blouse. If you own lingerie, wear them. If you have only cotton underwear, put on your favorite or wear a bra and panties whose colour matches.

8. Accessories:

If you have an updo, wear earrings. If your hair is down, wear a necklace. If your neck is long, wear a choker. If your neck is short, wear a long necklace. If your dress is sleeveless, wear bracelets. If your bust is too obvious don't wear a necklace, wear big earrings instead. Wear a belt if it suits your outfit. Wear a wollen scarf and gloves, because it's too cold outside. Wear a nice long coat to be warm. If you stay home with your significant other, wear only your underwear or lingerie, nice lounge wear, like leggings and a tank top, or a nice robe.

9. Shoes:

If you feel comfortable in heels, the weather is not rainy or you won't walk a lot, feel free to wear them. You can wear boots,which look good and are bolder and warmer than heels. You can wear you converses, if that's closer to your style.

This was my Valentine's day guide for busy women. Remember, don't feel pressured to look flawless or become someone other than yourself. Wear only what you already own, looks good and feels comfortable. The most important thing is to have a nice day with your significant other and enjoy yourself.

I leave you with a song I like: A hard day's night-The Beatles


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  • She doesn't have to buy me anything :)

    • I'd feel awkward if my boyfriend had bought me something and I didn't though

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  • experience would be the best thing to give your SO. memories last!

    • I agree! sharing a common experience, like a trip or a movie is great.

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