When You're the Guy Her Best Friend Wants to F...

I'm being a standup boyfriend about it - this issue has basically been 'haunting' me since I met my girlfriend. What made me want to open up about it is after reading this question on the site:

My friend has a crush on my boyfriend

It's then that I realized that my girlfriend actually might be feeling insecure about how her best friend is acting toward me. You see I met them both at a collge party at the same time. They both were kinda into me, and after we all kinda hung out in a group I ended up getting both their numbers. I liked my girlfriend more cuz she had cool vibes and so she was the only one I called. This set up some kind of tension between them and competition that I don't understand because her girlfriend knows I won't sleep with her - she has tried to make moves on me drunk or the second my girl is not around. I avoid being alone with her all at all costs. She is hot, but she is shady and I know she just want the satisfaction of breaking us up so she can have power over the situation. It's pretty pathological actually.

When You're the Guy Her Best Friend Wants to F...

I don't understand why women who say they are 'friends' battle each other eotionally and tear exh other down when the other is not looking, going as low as hitting on someone else's man. It's pretty digusting, So, I sat my girl down and I told her that she shouldn't bring that girl around me anymore, not for my sake, but for hers.

It's so important for women to know who their REAL friends are. A true friend would not disrespect you and compromise your romantic relationship, for any reason let alone trying to seduce your boyfriend.

Girls, take this from an ethical guy - it's hard to keep saying no when someone keeps throwing themselves at you - any red blooded guy will tell you that - so instead of testing limits - get rid of the cancer or tumor you have called a best friend and focus that attention on yourself and your man if your relationship truly matters to you. Before it's too late...


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  • I agreed with you until this part here

    "Girls, take this from an ethical guy - it's hard to keep saying no when someone keeps throwing themselves at you"

    No, not really. I mean, I understand you might find her attractive, but no, you can very easily control yourself. Girls are just as sexual as guys by the way, I'm tired of the excuse "but I'M A GUY! I HAVE A DICK!" like yeah ok but you have a brain too, if your dick rules over your mind- ever- that's just being weak willed.

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    • Either way girls or men should surround themselves with people that care for them n wants to see you doing better, not take what you have and put you down. When u have somebody in your life, trust is earned. Communication is key, talk to your partner, say whats on your mind, if the person cares they would do whats on their hands to make it right.

    • @mybabyangels I agree.

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  • "it's hard to keep saying no when someone keeps throwing themselves at you - any red blooded guy will tell you that"

    Correction - Any guy with emotional self diagnostic capabilities no greater than a half eaten toaster stroodle will tell you that. No offense.

    People are gonna be insecure about shit like that. If you're repulsed by other people's insecurities, maybe you should rethink where exactly you stand when it comes to women.

    • Dude... faith restored

    • I was drinking diet coke when I read that. An untimely guffaw made it shoot out of my nose all over my phone.

      oh god the pain.

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  • What you need to do is dump your girlfriend.
    After that go smash your head against a wall till you destroy the stupidity.

    Your logic make it ok for women to cheat on men. If she keeps throwing herself at you and eventually your going to say yes and it's her fault remember one thing. All females fat skinny hot ugly get hit on constantly I haven't gone through a day where I didn't have someone try and sleep with me since I was 16.

  • Or just say faithful.
    How would you find it if your gf would cheat on you with your best friend?

  • This is true I remember one of my "friends" (I never really liked her) had a crush on my bf and she was flirting with him and whatnot. Luckily he didn't do anything cheating wise, but let's just say that me and this girl keep pretty good distance most of the time.

  • Or maybe you SHOULD stay faithful. Worth excuse ever for cheating : "she just threw herself at me so I couldn't resists"

    I also need friends in my life. I'm not going to dump my best friend just because of my dating partner. Naturally only after her trying to get with my partner I would dump that bitch.

    But seriously, worst excuse for cheating ever

    • how she is your best friend if she doesn't respect you or care how it going ruin your life? she trying mess up your relationship and that not something friend do

    • If she tried that, She would no longer be my friend. But I'm not going to distance myself beforehand from my friends if I start dating to prevent him cheating on me with my friend.

      And this does not change the fact that its a poor excuse to cheat

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  • Good take :)

    This is legit for boys too. :D

  • Lol girls are sneaky too


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