Would you call a female friend and spend sometime talking with her?

OK I know most guys do not like to spend that much time on the phone. Maybe except when they are talking to their Girlfriend. Is that true? On the other hand, I was wondering if guys like to call up their female friends and spend sometime talking on the phone?

I have noticed that most of my guys friends do not call, just to call. There is always a reason like a favor or a question or an invitation to a party but the call usually does not last long.

Would you call a female friend and spend sometime talking with her? And how may times a week would you communicate with her? Phone + text.

Would you still do it if you had a Girlfriend?

Part of the reason I ask is cause I have a particular friend who I keep in contact with very frequently. Actually the only one I call or text that frequent. Yes, I like him and that's why I feel like doing it, but I don't know why he does it. He's a Girlfriend.


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  • I have a one friend that I text or call throughout school all the time. We make jokes, goof on each other, make plans - things like that. We don't talk on the phone that often, but if we do, we always have something to say to each other - might be a kinda long conversation. But we are both always busy with school and work. She is a true friend who has my best interest at heart. She has a boyfriend. But, she cares, and that's her way of keeping in touch. I've talked to her boyfriend on the phone, too. But if I had a girlfriend, I think I'd probably text her less and show my girlfriend more attention. So if he has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for a while, then he probably likes you as a really good friend. If he just started the relationship, then who knows.

    • I've known him for 3 years and not until last year did we start to call each other that frequent. He tried to date me before but I wasn't "available" now he's the one who's not. Never knew he had a Girlfriend and still don't for sure. He either text me or call.

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    • Ohh yeah we do flirt a lot on the phone. + a normal conversation. He follows my teasing and I do the same, and he never lets it go.

    • You probably flatter him when you do this, and it makes him feel good. I'd say try flirting with him on a physical level, brush past him, touch his hand, and smile kind of inquisitvely when you do this and see if he reciprocates.

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  • I hate talking on the phone. If I got that much to say, I would rather go out and do it in person, at some nice place. The only friends I would call on the phone and talk to them for a while, are those that live out of the country, or leave in another city , and I don't get to see them often.

    Oh, and I would call friends if something extraordinary happened, like getting a new job, or something else that doesn't happen that often. Not to say cell phones are bad for you! :P

    • I agree with how you use your phone. I am the same way with phones and avoid it. My typical phone conversation does not last more than a few minutes. If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't text/call excessively. The only calls I'll be making is to meet up with her.

  • I like talking on the phone. Growing up most of my friends were women, so It kinda made it awkward. Yes I would still talk to my female friends on the phone even when I had a girlfriend. There wasn't anything going on between myself and my friends so I didn't see it as that big of a deal.

  • When I was with my girlfriend, we would make it a habit to call each other at night and talk until we fell asleep. The calls would usually last a few hours. Now that we've broken up, the calls don't last that long anymore. Old habits die hard.

    As far as calling a female friend just to call. I laugh at the thought. Men are logical creatures. We call when we have something to say (or ask). Those calls do not last long. If I had a girlfriend, I definitely wouldn't be having long (or short) conversations with other female friends, lest I face the wrath of "the stare" and "the inquisition".

    • So if you had a GF, you wouldn't call ur female friends cuz' you know ur Girlfriend wouldn't like it and you do it out of respect for her?

  • I have a couple of close friends that I keep in contact with. I think the way to keep in close touch is to have a mutual interest in communicating with each other. It doesn't work if only one person is initiating all of the calls.

  • I personally don't like talking on the phone much, unless its to a girlfriend. But there is a couple female friends who I talk to on the phone for a time longer then usual (FYI: usual call to my friends lasts about 5 minutes or so) lol. For example, I have a friend who moved to a different state and now we rarely see each other. Sometimes we talk on the phone for an hour or so. I don't call her everyday, but when I do we usually talk about all the stuff that is going on with us, either school, work, relationships, or random stuff. We do text a lot. So to make a long answer short, lol. I would call a female friend just to talk to her, but like a previous comment said, both people have to call each other. If he's the one that calls you all the time. He probably has some feelings for you, but doesn't want to reveal them. And even if I had a girlfriend I would still call my female friends. Because they are friends and nothing else is going on.

    • In my case I have a f/friend and she's the one that calls me about everyday .

      And we talk about this and ,she's said we have a phone connection .

      What does that mean ?

      Does that mean she may have feelings for me ?

    • Yes, I think she does because most people would not be calling just about anyone .

  • Well, I know this one girl who has a boyfriend and me and her talk pretty frequent, she texts me sometimes and calls me and vice versa, ummmm I would still do it if I had a girlfriend, cause she's still my friend and she's always been there for me and vice versa lol


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  • I think it depends on what you two are talking about. I've had guy friends that would call me because they wanted advice, usually from a girl about girl issues. So it made sense for them to call me and I would try to help them work through whatever the problem was. Sometimes they just wanted someone to listen for a bit.

    • I agree with you. I have a couple of friends who call me just for advice or something and I could tell there is nothing else to that, but this particular person I am talking about does not call me for that.