We met and I thought we had a connection, what's the deal?

Met this guy at work, we don't work together, he was doing some work here he works about 45 mins from here. While he was at my job everyone thought there was a spark between us, he would flirt, go out of his way to talk to me and look for me. After he was gone we texted a few times, I initiated it. I had told him that I thought he was great and that we should get together for a drink or dinner one day. He was all for it, didn't speak for a week after that and I texted him to see if he was free took him 1 day to answer and said he was busy but he would let me know about the following weekend. In the mean time I accidentally sent him a pic of me and my friend that was suppose to go to her and went to him. I apologized for the mistake and he said it was fine and that I made him smile. I told him that I would send him a pic of myself one day and he said he would like that. I texted him about 4 days later to ask if he would be busy Sunday and he never replied, finally I sent him a message saying that I was sorry if I was bothering him. That I thought there was a spark between us and that I was wrong. I just told him that I had a lot of respect and admiration for him and wished him luck with his job. Still 2 days later no respond. He's an educated man, I would have expected at least an acknowledgement. I feel stupid because I thought there had been something there and so did everyone else, I took a risk even asking him out and then nothing?


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  • Well you live and you learn, sorry. He could be busy or seeing someone. If I was you wouldn't try to meet up again, if he's ready hell come find you...they always do. Sorry I know how this is confusing ugh.

    • I wasn't planning on it. Thank you for your reply. :)

    • Ahh yes the live and learn! It's funny how everyone is picking up on this :)

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  • You read too much into silence, and your passive aggressive "Gee, i'm sorry I was *bothering* you, I just liked you and all" isn't helping matters.

    • What she probably means is its not that it was never the right timing. I mean who ever knows when the "right timing" to text is?

    • I meant it as I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, he is a very busy person and I don't want to bother him or anyone and maybe I read the signs wrong. I'm definitely not passive aggressive.

    • So what would you suggest here? What would the best scenario be?

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  • Yeah it's crazy isn't it! I had a similar situation here I asked one of my really great guy friends to hang out and he told me he couldn't. I was fine with it but all we could ever really do was text due to certain circumstances. When we would see each other we would do the same.. flirt, tease each other etc. I usually would initiate because he was always busy and after awhile I never knew when I should text anymore because I felt I was bothering him. I just figured I wait for awhile and he did text me when he was ready! He is one of the greatest friends I have ever met and now I really need to let him know this as we had a falling out (my fault) and I still want him in my life!
    Maybe give the guy a call and let him know how you feel. Friends are great don't ever let them go!