What to do when you regret sending a text?

This guy whos a player kept texting me even though he had a girlfriend. Saying stuff like 'I know it's bad but you turn me on' (a few days before getting engaged) Its a fact that he hates being ignored and when I didn't reply to his texts he would Facebook me. I gave in by replying, then eventually he didn't reply back , now I regret sending that text. If I don't contact him AT ALL now, will he wonder where I am?


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  • block his number and dont give him the opportunity to text you anymore, then block him on face book, if you really dislike this guy and know he is a player then you should be going out of your way to avoid any sort of contact with him, if he has a gf and he is still talking to you like that it gives you an idea of what kind of guy he is. So cut him off at the pass.


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  • He's just an attention whore who likes his ego stroked. The type of person who is not worth the time of day in any circumstance. Considering how he acts while still having a gf, he is an idiot.

    If you don't contact him who cares what he thinks, his opinions are worthless and who actually cares about the feelings of a player, they don't care about yours or anyone else's anyway.


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