Crush became friends with my brother? What does this mean?

So I have a crush on this guy at my school, let's call him T.

My brother Derek, who's a senior, is with me frequently because he's like a friend to me. My crush has seen me walking around with my brother before and once when my brother was alone, he asked him, "Isn't Ally your sister?" and Derek said yes, and from then on they were friends.
Note that they weren't friends before my crush questioned him.

My brother said my crush is kind of a kiss-up to him. He has no idea that I like him.

How do you think he knew that Derek was my brother? I never talk to my crush, but we have lots of mutual friends. And why did he become friends with him?

Something like this happened earlier in the year, this guy named Chris asked my brother who he was and if he knew me because he apparently thought that Derek was my boyfriend, and was making sure because he liked me. But I don't think this is the same case, since he didn't specifically mention /why/ he was asking my brother if he was related to me, and my crush isn't shy at all. I'm just confused.


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  • He secretly wants your brother. I'm kidding of course. It's been my experience that guys don't usually become friends with a girls brother as a means to get closer to them. Why? Because your brother wouldn't likely or easily approve of any if his friends hookin' up with his sister. And we dudes know this. Especially if we ourselves have sisters. So it's quite probable that he genuinely just wants to be your brothers friend.

    Now having said that, it is possible that he may share your affections. His strategy here would be naive though. I personally would've never befriended your bro if I had a crush on you, especially at that age.


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  • That is a tactic in dating. We get close to the people that matter the most to our girl. We give them a good impression of ourselves. Soon enough, they will have rather favourable views of us, and sometimes even tease the girl or egg her on.

    It's risky to get close to family members, but the payoffs can be huge.


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  • Probably wants to get near u