It's been 6 months since we broke up. HOW DO I GET OVER HIM?

My ex, who I'm still friends with, broke up with me 6 months ago. For a long time, we didn't talk because he was annoyed with me. Then, out of nowhere, he apologizes to me and wants to still be friends. So for the past couple months we've hooked up a couple times, but mostly we just hang out like normal friends and watch tv and stuff.

I've tried EVERYTHING to get over him. I've tried not talking to him, I've even tried dating another guy to distract me. but nothing helps. I'm completely in love with him.


(fyi, forcing him out of my life is NOT an option)

any tips?


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  • Realize that he just doesn't feel the same way and nothing you can say or do will change his feelings. He just doesn't see you that way, and if you try to be with him you're just being annoying. He may really value you as a friend but nothing beyond that. If you love him then you love him, only time can change that, you can only hope you find someone who loves you for you, who you can love back.

    Say that guy you dated because you wanted to get over this man, did you dump him because you realized you still had very strong feelings towards the man you used to date? What if the guy you dumped had equally strong feelings towards you, would you go out with him just because he was in love with you that much?

    You just gotta let time do it's thing.


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  • First off I would stop saying things like "I still love him" Just keep ur mind off that stuff.Focus on other things.Tell ur self sometimes "I'm letting go of him".My friend did it this way and as time way on she started to lose that feeling of love.

    Find something ur passion about and get really in to it.

    It can take time,but the feeling will go away.


  • I've been through the same thing, and I can tell you the only thing that helped me was to stop hanging out with her and find someone else. We tried being friends after our breakup, but that just makes it worse and I was still holding onto my feelings for her, then after I stopped hanging out with her I completely lost interest.

  • Just be in touch with hi, you will get an opportunity soon. Best wishes.


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