Is being too forward/honest a bad thing?

A huge part of my dating problems lies within this thing about me. When I first meet a girl that I seem to like, and the admiration appears mutual, I destroy every chance we have! Not on purpose of course.

I just don't get the "games" you have to play or the ways you should cross to get past this phase. My problem has never been shyness or not knowing how to talk to girls.. I just have my own way of talking, and sometimes it doesn't go well with both genders! I'm a face-to-face guy, and unfortunately most of my generation likes to text.

When it gets to the point of word-play, I hate that part. Ironically, I'm a writer. I just don't like to misunderstand any gestures or words and send off misleading ones unconsciously.
Yet I do love mystery, but this might vary in definition.

Does any of this make sense? What might be your advice?
Thanks in advance.


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  • Hello!
    I understand your predicament. You simply say the truth and what is on your mind in a raw manner. While this may come across to YOU as being an honest person (which it is) it could be coming across as rude to others. Learning what's appropriate to say and what is just unnecessary to say is important. My suggestion to you is that you tell ladies that you are an inperson kind of guy. It really will help. Another thing you can start doing, is to really analyze the situation. What I mean by that is, not all conversations require you to tell your raw honest thoughts. Depending on the relationship and person, sometimes it is best just not to say anything at all if it will be controversial.


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  • For many, unadulterated, brutal honesty causes them to feel disconcerted and offended if it's conveyed from a relative stranger or prematurely. In other words, in many instances, an established level of familiarity and respect between folks prior to interacting in such a manner needs to have taken place, if brutal honesty is too be tolerated.

    As such, your way of doing things in regards to your upfront, in your face approach with people whom you have newly met, especially your dates, naturally does not have residence with many. Simple and plain.

    Diplomacy has a place, as with discretion. My suggestion is, practice and master them, simply. Otherwise, you may have a indefinite wait before you meet someone who understands you.

  • no its not a bad thing but some people have been lied to to for so long they get mad when you tell them the truth sadly.. you will find that one person that finds your forwardness attractive.. i use to have the same problem some people take my truthfulness funny and some take it the wrong way eh you learn to read people after while

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