Why don't white girls prefer dating white guys as they once did?

I understand that it is 2014 and interracial couples are more accepted, but I would still expect most people to be mainly attracted to those who resemble them.
I understand that there are some white girls that only date black guys, some white girls that only date mexican guys, some white girls that only date koreans, etc. And I'm fine with it, but the thing is these girls are pretty vocal about their preference while I never hear a white girl being vocal about prefering white guys. What I'm trying to say is that I see more white girls saying they prefer non-white guys than I hear white girls saying they prefer white guys.
Is it possible for the majority of a race to prefer to date outside their race more than within?
Another thing that fuels this whole race thing for me is the fact that generally non-white women prefer their race.
Black girls are generally drawn to black guys and they date interracially the least out of all groups.
Latina girls although some might be seen with black and white guys, the vast majority of them are with latino guys and they are very traditional which means the chance of them dating a non-latino man is pretty low.
Asian girls.. well Asian girls it's a pretty different story but I still believe that a Asian girl would much rather date a Asian man over a white man even though some like white men; I believe the only reason there are some Asian woman with white men it's because Asian men are sometimes not asking the Asian women out so if a white man does it, the Asian woman is willing to accept as Asian men don't show so much interest in her.
And there's white girls.. yeah. White girls never show a preference for white guys; white girls always try to be that kind of girls that hang out and date everyone, never trying to stay more around people of their race, never giving white guys any special attention sort to speak.
What I'm again trying to say is that non-white girls are more likely to prefer a man of their race
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[...] while white girls seem not to care. And that's what kinda pissed me off a little bit. Because it kinda makes non-white guys seem like winners, getting both white and non-white chicks.
Why don't white girls prefer dating white guys as they once did?
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