Bf put his hand over my face and pushed my head away?

Last night I went out to dinner with my bf and another couple. We were just talking and I mentioned that I switched my tv provider to someone else who was cheaper. My bf got really pissed because it wasn't who he wanted me to switch to.

He put his hand over my entire face and shoved me away hard, saying that it was a deal breaker and that we were done. I get that he was joking but I thought he crossed the line.

I didn't even know what to say or how to react at first. But it made me really mad because it was so out of line for hin to do that. I ended up telling him that I agreed, it was over. And I walked out

He's been calling and texting apologizing, saying that I overreacted and that he was just joking.

Am I overteacting though? I don't think I am. What would you have done?


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  • Wow, that is very immature, disrespectful and somewhat violent to do that to a woman IMO. I mean, guys are generally strong and when we do that, girls just fly away and hit on the floor hard... DUMP HIS ASS! You dont wanna continue with this prick... Let alone married..

    • 0 tolerance, mkay? You always break up because of failed jokes, if they're to harsh?

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    • I quote her: ".. It was hard enough that my head went backwards..". Sound like she's surprised that her head moved after a push, so I assume it was a light push. Probably harsher than he wanted it to be, but that happens. I assume it was an exception that he behaved "rude". So "DUMP HIS ASS" is quite the reactions imho.

    • I'm not a psychologist but you def have issues.

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  • I think that is so disrespectful. The fact that he even thought that was remotely funny, makes me so upset. However, if he is truly sorry and can explain why it was completely inappropriate - without you having to say anything, then I think he may deserve some acceptance of his behavior. It should never happen again though, ever.

    • Aww thanks! Glad to help :)

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  • I think you've gotta stop being such a princess and get over it. It's clear he didn't mean to hurt you, that's what matters. If you get all stroppy over something so small, I'd hate you to be my girlfriend.
    In a relationship there are going to be many miscommunications and differences because you come from different backgrounds. It's uncouth what he did but nothing to make a fuss about. Only if he keeps doing it.

  • okay can you define how hard is hard?

    • It was hard enough that my head went backwards but that doesn't even matter. Even if he didn't push me, he still can't put his hand iver my face, I think that's extremely disrespectful

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    • Yeah, in front of our friends

    • it is disrespectful in my opinion but it may have been an overreaction from you, especially if this is his first time. im not saying you're wrong for what you did but I think it is an overreaction which makes me sound like im contradicting myself hahaa.

  • I can understand you were awed by it at first, but he was clearly just joking and you took it the wrong way.
    You'd throw a perfectly good relationship away over that? That's just ridiculous imo.

    It's sooo overreacting.

  • You extremely overreacted if you didn't get nose bleeding from his push. He might have miscalculated his force, but he didn't want to hurt you, and it was meant to be playful. I would have laughed and dissed back that at least I don't have to give BJ's to afford my internet or smth. like that.

    • For the ones who didn't get the slightly sarcastic tone in "nose bleeding", I referred to his intention not being meant in a violent way at all. You don't break up with your girlfriend because she hit you with her elbow while turning when sleeping. So it's all about the "disrespect" when grabbing someones face. I also find it inappropriate, but something you should just say to him, and shouldn't occur again. NOWHERE near to a breakup reason.

      And all those people who scream "break up", have fun maintaining a relationship for longer than a week.

  • So every time a girl slaps a guy even quite lightly as a joke, we should break up with them?

    • Ok let us both get in to a relationship from this second ^_^
      You poked me! 0_0
      How dare yuh? -_-
      Let's break up :p

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    • There's a difference between a playful arm slap and a full hand in the face. If he slapped my arm, I wouldn't have reacted the way I did. But over my face? Really? No

    • A slap in the face could be taken just as seriously if not more so but that doesn't mean every guy who gets s slap from his gf splits up with her. It's up to you what you do. You're relationship can't have been that strong if you break up over this.

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  • you did overreact
    he wasn't intentionally trying to hurt you, he just wanted to have some fun and joke around
    breaking up with him over something he did that you understood was a joke is pretty much overreacting.
    i know it made you angry because you felt that it was disrespectful and rude, but you should've held it in and not make such a scene in front of the couple you were having dinner with at a restaurant.
    if you felt he crossed the line, you should've told him, instead of breaking up with him.

    i would've put my hand over his face and done the same thing back
    because it's a joke.

    • I don't feel as if I made a scene, I think he did

    • you were having dinner with your ex and another couple.
      your ex was joking around
      you took it seriously
      you walked out and left your boyfriend and the couple awkwardly sitting there
      think about what happened after you walked out;
      and how your boyfriend and the couple felt afterwards

    • ex*
      not boyfriend

  • It's easy for people on here to say it was just a joke and you overreacted, but the truth is we weren't there. You were there, and if you felt that it was serious and out of line, then that should be enough.

    Maybe he really did intend it as a joke, but it was poorly executed if that's the case. Either way, I don't believe you overreacted. Now he knows not to do that.

    • I feel this is -also- aimed at my posted opinion.

      I didn't 'easily' assume she was overreacting at all. I know how it could have upset her. And I can really understand her dissapointment.

      The breaking up part is overreacting. You don't break up a perfectly good relationship because of that. And if you do then I can tell you that you will never have a long lasting relationship.

      Also I feel like some people in general have the tendency to just follow their feelings without thinking it through. Thus hurting -well meaning- other people because 'they feel like' he/she was being mean.
      So I felt obliged to state my opinion on the case.

    • Wasn't directed at you.

  • That's really disrespectful and immature of him. I think he's someone you should keep an eye on. Don't fully believe him and fall for his apologies, I fear it may just be a mask of something more sinister. You're not overreacting, I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend did that to me in public over something so trivial. But then again, he would never get angry over something so trivial. Huge red flags tbh.

  • Personally, I think you have over reacted. Just because he didn't try to intentionally hurt you, and was just joking around. He shouldn't have pushed you like that, but he now knows it has bothered you and won't do it again. If he does, then you take into account that he didn't consider your feelings and you then have the right to be mad with him. As of now, I think you just need to have a talk about this, and settle for no physical pushing and forceful actions.

  • I think what he done is demEaning. But at the same really think about the choice your making... If something like this happened before I say good riddance to him if not maybe it was just a mistake... Guys aren't totally cave men they can be trained :)

  • LAMO.. :D aneaa noh don't be too serious.. he was just joking around... It's just. fun to do , I would b glad if my guy did that to me bz I'll do the same to him twice harder and hug him plus kiss him XD
    Yuh both would luk Gd together ! Don't be. mad at him.. give a chance :0... haha your cute anger XD

  • no ur not overreacting. if u get back with him he will only up the ante. u did the right thing

  • You're not overreacting. You have the right to be angry.
    what's with the macho moves in public? Is he quite mean to you in general? He sounds like he is a closet bully... I wouldn't be surprised if he acts like at work too.

  • it would definitely hurt my feelings. he shouldn't push you especially in front of friends. if you love him I wouldn't break up with him over it tho. tell him it's ok but don't ever do it again.

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