Jogging with my crush and I need advices?

I have been jogging like a mile in 10mins for 2-3 a week. I think that I'm lacking in stamina and speed though. I recently went to jog with my crush and damn girl she had better stamina than me. Me and my friend are always behind her and she is so fast. I don't want to embarrass myself infront of her and I want to improve on my running. I also need advice on not to smell when running too. Any other advice of jogging with my crush is good.


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  • Jog for longer periods of time, at least 20 minutes. Running a mile twice a week isn't exactly going to build up stamina. Try to jog every other day, and push for 3, or at least 2 miles. Increasing the distance will also help you to get more stamina. I ran 2 miles the first time I jogged, the second time I increased it to 3 and now, about 3 weeks later I usually do 3 or 4.5, even 6 if I feel productive :D

    You can't really help the sweating thing, the best you can do is use deodorant. Your crush is not going to stop liking you because you sweat, that's what happens when you exercise :)


    Read that link on the sweating issue - - -
    As far as the other goes just go jogging without her and build up stamina. She has obviously been doing this for a while. You just aren't as advanced... yet. Practice makes perfect!


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