The girl I have a crush on, her bestie asked if I like her friend. I told her yes, what do I do now?

so for the past few weeks.. I have been talking to this girl.. and last night, i stopped by her work and her friend was there also..

she asked me if I like her friend.. I paused for a few seconds and told her friend 'Yes, I do like her friend'.

now my question is.. what do I do? how do i move forward with it?



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  • if it was her "bestie" really, then she will tell it to her, but the girl would find it way more romantic if u told her urself and not if she got to know through someone else... so u should make it quick n take her out for a casual outing with her bestie where u can plan with her bestie to leave for some random reason and make it a date where u confess... or something like that...

  • The chances are very likely that the 'bestie' will tell the girl you like, I think you should just wait and see what happens, wait for her to make a move!


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