When your boyfriend searches his ex crush on Facebook constantly!

My boyfriend and I are in a serious relationship but he tends to look up his ex crush a lot on Facebook ! I know they don't text but he creeps on her facebook. They iused to hang out when we were still dating he would invite her out with our group of friends and such. He has always had more "girl" friends than "guy" friends. What does this mean?

If he hasn't moved on yet then why is he with me?
He knows it's an issue because we both decided not to talk to our exs. Which we don't but I don't want to ask him why he's searching her on Facebook because I know he will get ticked off


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  • Well to some degree he's obviously still hung up on her, or he wouldn't be looking her up. If this upsets you I think you should talk to him about it. However try not to be confrontational or judgmental. That's not going to make him open to listening to you.

    If it were me and I was having this talk I would share my discomfort and just ask him what he really wants. If he's not happy with you, I don't feel you should be putting all your time and effort into someone not giving you 100% back.

    Keep in mind he hasn't technically done anything wrong. You said yourself they hung out in groups, he has more female friends as it is, and as far as you know they aren't currently talking.
    You could also choose to just leave it as it and not say anything. But if this is bothering you, I think it's important to communicate with him and find some solution or compromise.


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  • He may just be curious or he's still got a hang up. Don't come off jealous or insecure. That's not going to help you.

    Try to figure out why he's doing this. Not what you are assuming the reason he is doing this. Just be honest and open but not insecure. Try to figure out a way to get him focused on you...


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  • they are either still friends or he hasn't quite moved on yet.

    either way, you need to be asking him this.

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