Have you ever seen a chola (Latina gangster) on a date or in a relationship with a nerdy white guy? lol?

I want you to tell me if you have ever seen a chola dating or in a relationship with a nerdy white guy. He dresses like a nerd, he wears glasses, etc. He doesn't dress like a gangster at all or talks like one. He isn't in a gang.

I am serious


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  • No, those girls (of we can call them that way) only date an reproduce within their species

    • By species, do you mean same ethnic group or do you mean people of any race that are gangsters just like them? I have seen cholas with gangster white guys, gangster black guys, etc.

    • By species I'm talking about anyone who behaves and think like them. In Mexico they live in areas called "Circles/rings of evil," zones were the worst people live. Quite discriminative, but it seems that most of the people dislike them.

    • Alright

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  • There is no such thing as a "Latina gangster" dumbass fuckin cracker. Latinos ain't hard. Weirdo.

    • I'm actually Latino. There are Latina gangsters. Do you live under a rock?

  • Yep I have

    • Lol. Really? Tell me in details

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