Would it be a good idea to ask my crush to help tutor me?

My crush and I are in the same chemistry class and although I'm some what understanding what we're learning I am still having struggles keeping up with the rest of the class. He's told me before that he would tutor me, but I don't know if I should follow through with asking him or not. I also just want a way to get closer with him, and to get to know him better without having to ask him on an actual date. If that makes sense? Please comment your opinions. Anything helps!

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  • I mean, he is giving you the opportunity to at least talk to him so you pretty much got the hardest step done with. You should definitely follow through and let him tutor you. And just ask about him, I doubt it's going to make him uncomfortable.


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  • Last year I tutored my crush and he ended up liking me of all the time we spent together. So why not?


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  • Yup Good idea, ;P Nice move lol :)


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