Can you feel the love chemistry on Skype before meeting in person?

It's said that chemistry is felt when interacting in person, and touching, kissing etc. Since you can't do these things on Skype, I wonder if you can still somehow feel the sexual chemistry?


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  • I felt something with my guy, I don't know if it was sexual chemistry specifically, but there was just something there when we spoke.
    I never thought I'd meet some guy off the Internet, I just thought it was weird and I just really didn't wanna go there.
    Because I felt something with him, I ended up meeting up with him (he asked me for years till I accepted) and now, we've been together for 6 years, which is quite long compared to most my age, well most people I know of anyway.


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  • Yes, you can. The emotional and neurochemical aspects of love are very real regardless of distance or contact.