What does it mean if a girl wraps her leg around your leg?

Ok so Im in 2nd year university (19 yr old male) have dated before but today sth happened that caught me off guard. There's this girl who I've known since first year. I think she's the hottest girl in my year because she has everything which is rare.

I always thought she liked me bc she hit on me before but I don't know if she was being a tease. I didn't really like her and avoided bc always considered her "out of my league". I saw her on campus, was sitting on a sofa writing an essay. I sat beside her and we talked. She was having a hard time writing. I put my hand on her forehead, told her to close her eyes, and type EVERYTHING & then edit which she did & it worked.

I didn't even realize or know when this happened but she was wearing short shorts and had her right leg wrapped around my left leg as I was sitting to the right of her. I don't know why she did this or what it meant. As a typical guy I thought she wanted to hook up but I thought I should use a little more subtlety lol. I eventually unwrapped her leg, got up and left.

tl;dr: A female friend I know was sitting on a sofa. I went and sat to the right of her and started talking. She wrapped her right leg around my left leg. I had to go to class so I unwrapped it and left eventually. What the hell was that?


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  • It's a good sign. That means she comfortable around you. If I don't have feelings for someone, accidently having contact with them makes me feel uncomfortable, even with people I know. If I were to do this its because I feel totally comfortable with you. I believe its your move whether its friendzone or not. Next time have contact with her and see how she reacts. The best way is to just put your arm over her in the most friendly manner, don't make it awkward.


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  • Probably interested in you. Also there is no such thing as "out of your league". There is interested and not interested.

    • Leagues do exist. I had to learn that the hard way

    • yea I agree man. That was first year when I did the whole "out of the league" stuff. I didn't want to risk going after someone that hot anyways plus I was half seeing someone at the time lol.

    • Na I disagree. I think it is more of a preference things. League is more of an idea of being to good or in essence he is not my preference.