Do find that FWBs come back after it's over?

When you "break up" with someone that is a FBWs do you find that they sometimes come back after it's over to try to have a real relationship?


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  • How can you break up with someone you've never been in a relationship with?

    • Did you catch that brake up was in quotation marks?

      Have a nice day.

    • To answer your question, unlikely.

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  • No dear I'm sorry. They just saw you for the sexual benefits not as a companion. You can try to make amends and explain if you want this to be a relationship.

    • Explain what? That I was lead on to think it was a real relationship only for him to say that he couldn't commit because he need time to get his life together and that we were only friends anyway.

    • I understand because that happened to my best friend Last year in college. All I can say is get your frustration out then move on and become a better woman and show him what he missed out on.

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