Why is she scared to kiss me?

there's this girl I've known my entire life. every time I see her she's all dressed up, hair done, perfume, she laughs at every joke I say, she blushes a lot around me, she finds any excuse to touch me, she jokes about us getting married, she joked about having a kid with me and naming it after me, one time she put her hair tie on her ring finger, looked at me and smiled. she also seems really fidgety around me, like she can't stop moving her leg, constantly touching her necklace, hair, etc...

but every time I get really close to her (intimate), she backs off and smiles/blushes because she gets scared that I'm going to kiss her...shes been single for 3 years, been in love 4 times (she's 27)...

can you figure this out?


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  • she really wants you but she's afraid that being intimate or moving forward will ruin what you have or maybe she's afraid to get her heart broken again but clearly desires a future with you. I would say feel lucky man, and talk to her and if you really, truly, want to move forward and try to have a relationship with her, then let her know. Whatever you do, don't force that kiss but clearly let her know that you are interested and go from there.

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