Why is my boyfriend scared to kiss me???

we been going out for two mouths and still haven't kissed every time I ask him about it he just changes the subject what's with him?


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  • It could be a number of reasons. Perhaps he's nervous. Perhaps he's never kissed a girl before. Perhaps he is still trying to figure out his feelings for you and doesn't want to kiss you until he knows you're someone special. Perhaps you have bad breath. Perhaps he is one of those boys that doesn't kiss girls early on in a relationship. Perhaps he suffered some abuse or neglect in the past and is not into physical affection.

    There are a lot of "perhaps" out there. My advice would be to let him do so at the point which feels comfortable. A kiss should be a very natural thing, discussing it won't help the matter. Just relax and enjoy your time around him and he should come round eventually. This isn't something he wants to talk about, so give him enough space to breathe and as he is more willing to share in other areas, perhaps you'll learn the reason why he hasn't kissed you.

    Hang in there!


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