Why is it I feel nothing when me and my boyfriend kiss or makeout?

Me and him have been together for 1 year and 6& a half months. Why is it it I feel nothing while kissing? Earlier in our relationship I felt extremely happy whenever we kissed or made out but now I feel nothing. I don't know if this has anything to do with this but before this feeling started untrue rumors went around about me& I’m still dealing with it and how to like myself, talk to people again like I normally did and just feel normal and like old myself like I used to and I’m a bit better since that happened. It’s just I’m scared&freaked our the I’m a freak or something. I don't know... I love him very much and think he’s the one and he does for me. I didn’t told him about the kiss feeling. Also I don't know if this helps but I don't know me&him randomly hung out today&did get butterflies around him& was happy to see him but felt nothing like before when we kissed. Uhm also I don't know if this helps either but uhm whenever he gives me hickeys or kisses my neck or stuff like that& dry humping I like it a lot. But I do eventually wanna marry him someday and see a long future with him and having kids and I do think he’s attractive... Just has anybody else had this happen before to them and I definitely don’t wanna break up with him and like hanging out with him a lot and think he’s great.
3 mo
The physical type stuff is kinda new but not super new that we’ve done.
3 mo
I don't know it even happens when he kisses me passionately
2 mo
Okay so I talked with my mom and grandma about it and I was just reflecting my feeling about what happened with the drama and rumors onto him
23 d
I talked with my mom about it and apparently I was just reflecting on him and what not but it’s all back to normal like it used to be because I do feel something when I kiss him now.
Why is it I feel nothing when me and my boyfriend kiss or makeout?
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