FWB's friends told me he has feelings for me?

We've had a history together like we were supposed date exclusively but I wasn't ready since I just got out of a 4 year relationship in the beginning of the summer. So we dated in an open relationship for about 6 months. We ended up parting ways since he found someone who could give him the attention he deserved. Long story short I regret what I lost and did everything to change for the better.

When things went south with that girl, he drunkenly booty called me. I was so desperate to get back into us that I went. We been talking a little over a month again. At first he was distant but lately for the past couple weeks we been hanging out more and talking, he barely brings up his ex. But we put it out in the open (more so he did) that we're just friends with benefits cos he's tired of getting hurt and he's being deployed for 5 months at the end of this month.

Just last night he took me to his friends New Years party and his friends ended up spilling the beans that he has feelings for me and he's just trying to be a hard ass cos I hurt him before.
He didn't deny it but he started getting worked up saying I hurt him and doesn't want that to happen again. I told him all he can do is see that I've changed and maybe just give me a chance. I don't know what to do he just dropped me off at home and is kind of pretending our talk never happened last night but said we'd do something soon.


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  • I honestly wouldn't do anything. He's leaving for 5 months, why get into something that immediately becomes long distance?

    • cos I stil have feelings n I know how to keep my legs shut :(

    • i wish i could find a girl with the same legs problem lol

    • Oh it's hard to behave sometimes but I just try not to be selfish and ask myself if it's worth losing who I really wanna be with if they find out

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  • I have found that when the friends with benefits guy says I have feelings for you rather than I love you, he's just mind messing with you.
    I've heard those exact same words 3/3 times and I'm not seeing any of them anymore.
    The one who said he loved me, I'm still seeing him.
    Just something to think about

    • Thank you, he keeps throwing it in my face that he loved me and I hurt him before (he was drunk when he did that) telling me that he's trying to trust me, but honestly he's cold from what he used to be ever since his last gf and I hope he changes that cos I hate this hot/cold behavior

    • Also, you don't go hot and cold with someone you love. You do with someone you're using though

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