Bad boy vs Nice Guy: So what is the middle ground?

it has been established that nice guys don't get play and bad boys are not for long term deals so could someone describe he mysterious best of both guy

Girls and guys explain please


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  • You can find the middle by not playing into stereotypes and instead being a normal person, try to self improve where you can like working on hygiene or wearing more fashionable clothing (find thrift stores to save money, good finds are rare but worth it), then add some flirting to the girls you like and you're good to go.

    • You see. easy as pie. why do we still have such a huge problem with the others?

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    • Wouldn't "normal" imply ease though?

    • No, our impression of 'normal' is actually an ideal which people have to try to work towards, many people can get it right in some regards but fail in others. Getting it right across the board requires a lot of effort and a willingness to accept your weaknesses and improve on them. For example, if you have anger issues then a lack of effort to solve those issues will result in you being an shitty, abusive type of person who lashes out at everyone. A person who wants to be 'normal' will learn their triggers, seek to avoid them when possible, learn how to deal with them when they cannot avoid them and learn how to walk away from a problem until they are calm enough to handle it. Another example, if someone doesn't know how to talk to women and they avoid that issue then they will not likely get a girlfriend and they will not get laid very often and they will fall behind in the dating world and may become bitter or lonely. If they work on that issue then things will get better eventually.

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  • The truth is:
    Every guy wants a good girl to be bad just for him and every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for him

  • A nice person who isn't easily led or easy to use. Somebody who doesn't run around doing everything for everybody, but still has a heart and helps out his close friends and family. Somebody who doesn't just agree because she has boobs, he has his own mind and can speak his mind without being rude or offensive.
    Orrr, the hardball types who are really just softies inside and will do anything for his family even while being mean to others. He'll like cuss another guy out then go give a homeless guy some money and food.

    The most important bit, is ones who know when to argue back and know when to just shut up and let her do her woman thing and complain/vent. The guys who can get that balance down are the best. First time I met one, i was sooo shocked and really really REALLY liked that he could do that. He was the only boy with 5 sisters no brothers, so had a lot of practice lol


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  • Read what I wrote here:

    Be the third type: the Good Guy. You won't become one overnight - it will take work and practice and perhaps years of work to get there, but the Good Guy generally is the one who really "wins."

    The Nice Guy rarely ever does.

  • a self confident nice guy is the middle ground. A respectable man who is not afraid to state his intent with a woman from the get-go