My girlfriend told her ex she loves him?

My girlfriend and i have been dating for almost 2 weeks now. I just found out that she didn't really break up with her old ex. They never see each other, and they talk on Facebook. I know he contemplated suicide last time they broke up, and she told me that the only reason she told him she loves him is so that he wouldn't kill himself and that she thought he would eventually break up with her due to them not talking much. Because she was spending all of her time with me. The ex even contacted me and it seems like he just spams her Facebook and she only replies like once a day. I've seen his Facebook and i know that for a fact. (He gave me his login) My girlfriend says she really wants me and that it is nothing to worry about. She said she didn't want him to hurt himself or hurt his feelings. I watched her tell him on Facebook that its over, because i made her do it. Now he's blocked.

Bull shit? Or no?


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  • What? She intended to do that for how long? o. o It wouldn't work forever.
    She can't do nothing for him if she doesn't love him. She is sacrificing herself and you, because of him. He shouldn't be so dependent on her.

    Maybe she's telling the truth and just feels guilty and with a big responsibility if something bad happens to him.
    I think it's good that she blocked him now. It's better to put a brake on her ex NOW and make him understand that he can't stay with her. I'm sure he don't want her to stay with him out of pity. However, I think she should have a final convo with him, saying that she DON'T love him and that she will not be happy with him.

    In your situation: I wouldn't break up with her, she deserves a vote of confidence (at least). Give it to her.
    Talk with your girlfriend and say that If she's worried, maybe she should ask to his friends/family to support him. And ask her to NEVER say those things again.
    After that, If she gives you more reasons to distrust you, so then yes, you should act.

    • I've told her to call the cops but she doesn't want to. I made her tell him straight up that its over. She told me that last time she had to break up with him, that he threatened to OD on pills. He is blocked yes. But deep down inside i have the question "For how long?" But like you said, if she does something again. Be done. You ask she intended to do that for how long? She told me that she had hoped that the lack of communication between them, would make HIM break up with her because they werent talking much.

      She said she truly wants to be with me. I just dont know though.

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    • So should i believe her?

    • Yes, I would trust her. After all she left her ex boyfriend to be with you, right? (: Then, it must be what she wants.
      Just don't stress much about it anymore. Tell her how you feel and I'm sure that if she loves you, she will prove and show it to you over time. Good luck, I hope things go well for you two.

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  • The fact that you guys have only been dating two weeks, the relationship is still new and fresh. She said " I love you" to her ex and she is dating you? I would automatically see that as a red flag. It sounds like you're a rebound. I would break up with her.

  • She will find other ways to communicate with him. You are in a bad situation. It can only end in you getting hurt.

    I would never say to end it because that's not my call. But definitely be weary and keep an ear/eye out.

    • He didn't know i was dating her, so he's pissed off. I want to believe that she was afraid to break up with him because he would try and hurt himself. He has tried before. But i just dont know.

    • I knew people like him.
      If he uses suicide to force people to stay with him, he is immature and abusive. It would be wise for her to cut the ties completely. But if you find she hasn't, you may need to do the walking away.

    • The thing about it is, she didn't talk to him much at all. I read his Facebook. She would reply like once a day, to let him know she was still there. I want to believe her. I love this girl so much. We've been dating two weeks, but we've dated longer than that before. She just came back.. I dont think im a rebound.

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  • Bail dude. She's still hung up on her ex and she'll go and fuck him when she has an argument with you. Enact the Heat rule and walk away.

    • But it wasn't working between them, so she went to me. She said she doesn't want to be with him. But he may try to hurt himself if she told him its over. Because he has before.

    • Even more reason to get out while you're still in one piece. You don't want to be caught in the middle of that shit storm.

  • time to get out

  • Careful! You might be getting used to make her ex jealous.