My boyfriend was a player/ladies man when he was "single," should I be worried?

Not going to lie, when I was single, I was a bit of a serial dater and had my share of sexual partners, as did my boyfriend. When he and I were just "talking" I started to get rid of those guys because we seemed to getting more serious. It turns out he was still seeing some of them when we were talking.

After he and I became exclusive, a bunch of girls got pissed. Some of them were making threatening comments towards him when he told them he couldn't see them anymore since he has a girlfriend, and a few of them tried to harass me. One of them said to me, "it isn't flattering to be wanted by someone who wants everyone."

I don't feel mad at him for seeing other girls when we weren't official, because he was not my boyfriend, and I went on a couple dates as well.

But the fact that these girls were SO mad is unsettling to me. Granted, the only reason they were pissed was because he wouldn't see them, so I know he isn't cheating on me, but still, should I be worried? Or are girls just this crazy when their feeling get hurt?


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  • Girls are that crazy; it's unbelievable what some women will do when they get cross. He must be good in bed for them to be getting that jealous (people accuse men of sexual entitlement. Hah!).

    You don't have anything to worry about though. Enjoy your man.


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  • Ahhh! This sounds allllll too familiar! Alright so I have now been with my boyfriend for five years and trust me, I still get emails from women who want him and he still has women try to lure him into their traps. In the beginning (when we were unofficial) he was seeing other people, as was I. I don't look badly at him for it because I was doing the same. But when we officially started dating he cut almost every single one of those women from his life. He blocked many women because of their threats and ignorance. I've even had women plot against him and email me things like "I was with your man last night. So much for him wanting you!"- Even though I know it was a bold faced lie because I had been with my boyfriend the night before lol. I've also had his "friends" sit there and try bad mouthing me to him to the point where he cut off these so called "best friends" that he had been hanging out with since he was a child.
    Some people are so fucking ignorant and jealous that it is disgusting. My boyfriend was a huge ladies man. He didn't sleep with most of them but he had women dropping at his feet constantly. I saw it first hand before we started dating. But he's never cheated. Never disrespected our relationship. Every time a woman tries coming in and breaking us up, he just adds them to his now massive blocked list. We don't even really discuss it anymore because its so common and I know he's not doing anything wrong.
    Try to think positive. I know its hard because I have been there! But in the end, it will be worth it.


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  • I don't think you need to be worried. Like you said it was when he was single and they sound like hookups, nothing serious. He might have a different mindset when he's single and when he's in a relationship.


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