How should I act on a movie date?

So I'm extremely inexperienced with dating, and tonight me and this girl are going on our second date (my first time ever having a second date). We are going to see a movie and I don't know what is acceptable behavior, or what is expected of me at all. Should I put my arm around her during the movie? Should I buy both of our tickets, am I expected to get our snacks?

Any advice would be great.

Saying "Just be yourself" doesn't really help, because whatever I do I'll behave and act like myself, I just don't know what is expected of me, what is standard, and other little things
Well here we go


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  • Yes pay for tickets unless she insists otherwise, you should both get the snacks but you should pay again unless she said otherwise when you bought the tickets and if you're feeling like things are good and she isn't uncomfortable around you then put your arm around her if you want to, women get turned on by touching as do men and even if you aren't trying to get anything it can't hurt to boost your sex appeal in her eyes. If she brushes off your arm then just don't do it again. Just don't feel like you 'have to' put your arm around her, it's something you should want to do but if you don't that's fine. If you do it and she leans towards you or puts her head on your shoulder then she's into you. Make sure you smell clean because you will be in close proximity with her so it's probably best to shower and put on frest clothes before you leave and clean breath is also a must in case you kiss so bring mints and brush your teeth beforehand.


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  • Be yourself, bro. :) Buy both tickets, buy the snacks (unless she doesn't want any). Show her some attention, but not too much. Good luck.

  • Nothing just be yourself and enjoy the movie