My ex went back to her rebound again?

She keeps doing this, we were together 3 years, and we get into a fight, and she goes back to the guy. She was having sex with him a week straigt while i didn't even know, we were still together. Then i found out and she broke up with me. Then they got together.

She broke up with him again for whatever reason, and now wants me back.. But i just know she'll go back to him again..

Why does she keep going back to him?

she's been screwing around with him for a year..


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  • she doesn't love you, simple as that.

    she will string you both along as long as she can. cut it out now before you waste more time with someone who doesn't appreciate you or treat you right.

    • Does she love him?

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    • But they've dated for only a year and we have dated 3 years. Whenever we get into an argument she goes to him.. We dated again for 3 months and then she cheated on me with him for a week, then they broke up and im with her now..

    • doesn't matter how long you dated someone, if the feelings never went away or were not there. she cares about you but not enough to not cheat on you. and the fact she's going back to someone familiar should be sign enough that your relationship is not fully committed or stable.

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  • Say her; get the fuck of in my life! That's it.

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