Do Women Responding to Playful Teasing on Online Dating Sites?

Of course in person women responding to playful teasing very well, but it doesn't seem to be the case for online dating sites. I'm pretty new to meeting women online, but I've never gotten a response from women using a playful tease, even ones that "liked" my profile. However, if I just say hi and ask a question they respond quite frequently. 5 of the 7 women I messaged like that responded, but none of the 4 I sent teasing messages to responded.

For example, there was a woman who listed one of the things she was good at as getting stray cats to come up to her, so I joked that "I've never met a woman who collects stay cats before. I mean, I'm not one to judge but you have to admit that's a little odd =P. How big is your collection so far?"

I guess that's not really a great sample size, but I guess it does kinda make sense. You can't see body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, or anything like that in a text message. Anyone else find the same to be true? How do you women decide if you respond back? Maybe I'm just not as funny as I think I am lol?


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  • I'm not dating however if I were when I first begin talking to someone I prefer no jokes or teasing initially. Save that for after we get to know each other. Show me kindness, interest in getting to know me without jokes, friendship and that you take getting to dating seriously by being polite and nice. Not cracking jokes right from the get go.. Jumping around in my words but hope that makes sense..


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  • Avoid any negative comments until you know one another better. Girls are looking over your profile and weighing the tone of your behavior. If you met someone for the first time would you put them down right away? Plus the teasing kind of comes across like you're negging. Girls do noooot like that.

    Save your teasing and jokes for when they know you better and can give as good as they get ;)

    • Good to know, thanks!

      Do you think there is anyway for me to let them know I was just being playful? Pretend like I never sent the first message (it's been over two weeks) and send a message like I've sent other women who responded? Hint that I meant to be playful and say something like "Well I guess the playful teasing approach on you does it?" along with a message like I've sent other women?

    • Absolutely do not say "Well I guess the playful teasing approach on you does it?" I wouldn't have replied to that message either since it sounds like you want me to defend my charity work to you. I would block you if I saw that in my inbox. She can choose to not talk to you and you need to respect that.

      If you want to be playful, think about a little observational or self depreciating humor. But, like I said save the teasing and jokes until you know one another better and you're unlikely accidentally annoy someone

  • teasing online is hard bc you can't see body language or hear the voice so I would be really offended :P


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  • That sample you provided with the cats sounds like a serious message to me.

    Now personally I've found that some humor does work, but as for meeting in person, it may not necessarily happen. Thing is, most girls are using the online dating sites for attention and not necessarily to meet people. Some will even admit it, others will just hide under simple sayings like "looking for friends" which actually means "I'm looking for an inbox to boost my ego." The site's just another social media outlet for them. In other words, "I need more instagram followers" etc.

    If you're gonna try the teasing route, just make sure your messages are 100% impossible to offend them. Mosta the girls using these sites are crazy anyway. I've ticked off some by messaging them with common sense. Like one girl was showing off cleavage and had some sort of "no perv messages" type of clause in there and I called her out on it and got profane hate mail back. I got a kick out of it personally.

  • How else would I have gotten @BelleGirl21's attention?