3rd Date a Milestone? Does it Mark the end of Casual Dating?


About to go out on a third date with this guy I really like (have been friends for 10 years).

Here's the thing -- I have been out of the dating game for quite a while (recently divorced) and was hoping for some opinions as to the significance of the "3rd date". I know there is the rule regarding sex (in our case we already know this as we slept together recently and when we dated a decade ago).

So, I am wondering about the OTHER rule. What do you think? Would you go out on a 3rd date with a girl if you didn't think there was relationship potential?

Is the 3rd date the milestone that evaluates whether there is relationship potential?

What sorta things do guys or should girls think about when on the 3rd date?


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  • I don't think a 3rd date has particular significance. I just went out with a guy for 6 dates before I was clearly able to see he was NOT a good match. For me the real significance comes with time and even that can be an illusion. Put it this way, you can be married for 5 years, 10 years, 30 years or more and suddenly have your partner say they don't want to be with you anymore.

    So, getting to a 3rd date is great. Enjoy it and hopefully there will be a 4th. Don't expend energy trying to predict the future, just enjoy the now.

    • Exactly, a 3rd date for you guys might be someone elses 1st or 10 tenth date. It'll vary from people to people on how well you guys got to know each other.

    • It is also a matter of how long it takes for someone to start acting as themselves. It is natural that we start out as a simplified version of ourselves at our best and slowly, as we gain comfort with the other person, open up more. I think a lot of people end up in a relationship and in love before they realize who it is they partnered up with, because it can take that long before you see the full picture.

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  • Hey, every situation is different. And especially since you already know this guy as a friend -- I would have said that your 1st date was your milestone. For people who don't have a history together, then I would say yes that the 3rd date means you are relationship potential. So for you, definitely yes the 3rd date means you should be thinking about a relationship with this guy.


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  • I don't view a 3rd date as that significant. I wouldn't just hop into bed on the 3rd date as I feel that since you've only been out 3 times you don't really know that person. It does mean that he must have a lot of interest for you to have gone out on 3 consecutive dates, but I don't think it's the end of casual dating. I don't think it's significant until you actually agree to be exclusive.

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