Can you describe your tongue wrestling technique? How do you kiss?

Any kissing tips would be good, especially on closed mouth kissing, I'm not sure how to do that properly.
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Please can someone describe how to do closed mouth kissing properly? If you're grabbing/pulling each others lips does that count as closed mouth or is it open mouthed without tongue?
Does anyone else have any tips?


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  • Wow, really? Am I the only one interested in tongue?

    I would think that closed mouth would be just grabbing and pulling at each other's lips. You can just press your lips together for an extended period of time for a closed mouthed kiss.

    I usually don't do those types of kisses obviously. I like open mouthed.

    • "You can just press your lips together for an extended period of time for a closed mouthed kiss."

      I've done that but it just feels sort of weird/awkward where as lip pulling and using tongues (gently generally) just feels more natural, so I've assumed I'm not doing closed mouth kissing properly.

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    • Anyway, thanks for answering.

    • You're welcome.

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  • Don't wrestle, caress.

    • That was just meant as a joke... I think I'm fairly delicate in the way I caress, I don't get more vigorous unless she does.

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    • Okay, thanks for answering.

  • one tongue touch another

    • Can you elaborate on that? How far in? How do you move it?

    • only should know it how far, cuz there is no rules to things like this

    • So you don't have any advice for techniques or what impresses you?

  • open your mouth and that will let her know that you want tongue kissing, if she opens almost instantly then she's wants to do, play around with each others tongues stroking your tongue with her tongue, also move your tongue around the roof of her mouth. tongue kissing can be quite tiring so if you feel the need to pull away then pull away and start kissing her neck or touch her

    • That would mean getting my tongue right in if I were to reach the roof of her mouth... when I've tongue kissed before it's just been an inch in or so.

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    • in my opinion it's better deeper but don't over-do it

    • Yeah, no need to clean her tonsils...

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