Guys, would you date a girl with Tourettes?

Wold you date a someone with Tourettes Syndrome? I have tics, where my hands/feet and arms/legs will involunarilly twitch/tap or jerk/kick. I also blink a lot and stutter sometimes when im nervous...

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  • I'm just as nervous sometimes so I would find it to be something we have in common. If anything it would lead to a stronger relationship because we would both understand that about each other. So find a guy that is kinda shy like me. You will have to approach him and he will be very nervous at first but it will get him out of the lonely phase and he will appreciate you for that.
    Do not let your condition stop you. If anything it's something that makes you who you are.

    • Thank you very much for answering :)

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  • To be fair, it depends on how bad it is. You mentioned "kicks". Is it like a small-ish, say 5-20cm movement, or is it a crazy high kick to the face?
    If you you randomly twitch, than sure, I'd date you. Frankly, I wouldn't care about anything, but... you know, a potential random kick to the face or something is quite... worrying... xD
    So, to cut the crap, I'd say, it depends on how bad is.

    • Its not so much of a kick as my foot just kinda jerks out... its never like a huge arcing kick in the air lol :P

    • well than, if no face kicks included, than gladly xD

    • Haha, thanks for answering :)

  • unfortunately i suffer with the same thing but with vocal tics occasionally. it sucks but i guess i can suppress mine for a while so it doesn't get too bad
    i would date someone like us because i know what its like

  • as long as you twitch during sex and fake it like im really good in bed than we got a deal but honestly im really wondering whats that like must be stressful at times wish I could at least give you a hug

    • Haha, thanks for the laugh :P
      Yes it can be very stressful at times. People always stare and make rude comments which usually just makes me tic and stutter worse...

    • don't worry about them ill keep u close huggies lol

    • Ty :D

  • i'm afraid she'd turn into this

    I'm strong and all, but I don't want to waste more powers.

  • It might be a little odd at first but I would get used to it so it's a yes for me, I wouldn't guarantee it would work out or anytime but I'd surely give it a shot.

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