White guys with dreadlocks?

What do u think of white guys with dreadlocks?
I've date 2 white guys but never met one with dreadlocks until a month ago. At first i have to say i didn't care i thought he was really cute n different. He wanted to get to kno me n i was interested, i still am n i still dont care about hin havind dreadlocks, of anything i love them on him. So far i like everything about him, the only problem is when we're out we get these looks good n bad. I over heard people saying "why he has to have dreads" to why not just date a black guy with dreAds". Then some say we're great together, how we'd make beautiful kids, one lady said she could see how happy we make each other. I just hate how people judge him when he's a really great person.


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  • I don't get why it's any bodies business other than the two of yours. I had a good friend (white ) who sstarted dreading his hair, it was fine as far as I am concerned. Do you, be you! As long as he has an income and is doing well he's fine!


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  • meh. I'm not of fan of dreads period.

    I'm curious though, why are seemingly all white guys with dreads blonde?


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  • Basically... can a white guy have dreadlocks unless it's a wig? o _O

  • Anyone with dreadlocks looks dirty and trashy.


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