How long did it take you to get your first tinder match?

  • The same day I started. :)
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  • The next day.
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  • A couple days.
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  • A week or so.
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  • Finaly got one durng the month.
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  • Never got one, still wating to this day. :(
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  • See stats (for people who don't have tinder)
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I'm assuming girls get it the first day and guys later on. I really feel like this will be shown in the stats, not sure tho.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I had one in the first 24 hours, and in a week I only got like 7 or so. I don't use it anymore, I used it for like 2-3 weeks, I got what I wanted and left.
    But it is true that women get more. If you see the matches of an average girl, she'll have like hundreds, while an attractive guy most likely won't even have 50.


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  • Same day I started and I didn't even have a real pic up the same day. It was a homestuck picture xD made good conversation I guess

  • same day i started.


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