Girls, Why are some girls non-committal?

I'm just seeing reasons why some girls aren't into committment? Is it because they have been hurt?


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  • The same reasons a guy doesn't want to commit:
    1. Has been hurt in the past and is not ready to feel vulnerable again.
    2. Only wants some no strings attached fun.
    3. Doesn't have the time (or isn't willing) to put effort into a serious relationship.
    4. It's an ego boost to see how many people they can hook up with (and obviously they couldn't do this if they were in a relationship... I mean, they could, but it would be less accepted to do so + more unnecessary drama).
    5. Most people in general only want to commit to people they feel a deep connection to. If they don't feel that connection, they won't want to commit.
    6. They prefer being single because of the expectationless freedom.
    7. They simply have 0 interest in other people and/or relationships.


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  • Me = single bisexual serial dater.

    *I get bored of everyone + everything in nanoseconds
    *I value my 24-7-365 freedom
    *I am totally selfish + HATE compromise + won't be told what to do
    *Monogamy to me is totally un natural
    *Love to me is complete self delusion

  • I'm into committment but many of the guys that I've been with before weren't unfortunately...

  • They don't like you enough

  • probably been hurt a lot.

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