Do aggressive, dominant men like soft, gentle submissive women?

I'm a young submissive lady. I'm very gentle, shy, sensitive, sophisticated and feminine. I have a very soft voice and quiet demeanor. I have noticed that more dominant men pay attention to me, and hug me, kiss me on the cheek, touch my skin etc rather than other less feminine and quiet women. They also are more protective, and do lots of favours for me.
From their perspective, what do they think when they meet a woman like me? And why do they like me? Why do they do favours without me asking?


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  • Yup what guy doesn't like that kind of woman?

    • Some like more aggressive, strong females.

    • I guess so but even then almost all guys I'm aware of prefer a nurturing feminine girl so you sound pretty perfect to me.

    • Two anons made in heaven...

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  • guess most of em they do

  • Yeah kind of a guys dream girl

  • Do people shit in toilets

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    • I am asking why my softness makes them do favours etc, in comparison to other women who are less soft. You are misunderstanding my question.

    • Fine I will answer the question and the answer is because you are soft & submissive. Have you asked the guys you attract why they like you maybe its beauty, physique or because you are viewed as easy compared to other girls

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  • I am exactly like you. I have always been gentle and feminine.
    Personally, I have always felt more submissive, I've just been realizing to what extent recently. :)