I act stupid around guys I really like?

I fall for a guy really fast and pretty hard. And it sucks. I'm usually really cool around guys and most of my friends are guys but when I get that fluttery feeling around a guy I just met, everything changes. I kill my chances of ever being with him.

I get over flirty and weird, kind of creepy, sometimes mean and I push the boundaries of normal social etiquette (I'll say things way out of line).

For this reason I've never been in love. I've loved the people I've dated but it's not the same. I always feel like I'm settling. I wind up dating my friends. My friends see who I really am and I'm able to be normal around them so it just makes sense.

I'm worried I'll never be in love. Does this happen to anyone else? What can I do to stop acting so stupid around guys I want to be with?


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  • I personally can't stand girls that act stupid.. The girls who always have their tongues out in pictures like they are party whores (when they really are just losers pretending to be cool) and just look like they're seeking attention. Are so loud at parties that everyone can hear/see them.. Provocative stupid grinding on guys.. etc. It's just trashy.. I mean just be yourself! I'd love for a girl to just have fun, yet be normal and classy.

    • You just described me exactly. I'm that loud, grinding, tongue sticking out girl. only when the guy I'm head over heels into is around though. and you're right, it definitely is to get his attention but I get it in the wrong way. ugh. I'm not really that party whore girl, for some reason I just get like that when I really like someone. obviously I never wind up getting that guy!

      he probably just thinks I'm an attention loving slut! :(

    • Just be yourself! No need to look stupid. Guys pick up on things, and you'll always be known as that girl.. Just be humble yet fun.. Smile in pictures, no tongue.. Dance with friends, but don't grind.. I'd much rather talk to a girl who looks like she respects herself.. If she's doing all this when I am around- god only knows what she'd do when I am not.. Just saying..

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    you have to wait to find the right guy who doesn't get creeped out by it.

    depending on your age... if you are 18-20... maybe you will grow out of it.

  • I'm the same and I'm 22 years old its been almost 4 years I never dated anyone. I consider myself well a cute girl, I'm cool with everyone I'm fun and can always be myself with friends and the girls and I'm very talkative but when I start getting attached to a guy or I feel a guy is attracted to me , I get awawkward and start acting stupid and don't know what to say or say stupid things, I feel really bad because I'm really interested in the guy but I mess up every chance, EVERYTIME .

  • ohmigod you're like my twin

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