This guy invited me to his bbq and I think he forgot, should I say something?

He's having friends over, I don't know any of them but he invited me. I think he forgot that he invited me though.
I asked him if he wanted to have lunch today and he said he's having people over for a bbq
So I replied oh okay I thought that was a night thing. Well enjoy then :)

i I didn't want to remind him that he invited me. Just waiting to see what he replies I guess
we have plans for tomorrow night anyway but I haven't met his friends before so it would have been good.
Should I say something else or wait and see if he does?


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  • Well, that's awkward. I really can't imagine not inviting you, but if he truly did forget, your presence may be weird.

    But my god, man. Seriously? How can you forget that?

    • Yeah
      Well he knows I don't have plans because I invited him over lol
      If he actually forgot then I don't want to see him tomorrow hey...
      Should I say something?

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    • Lol I'm not going because he forgot me!
      That's why I'm angry

    • Then by all means, party on! (him) Wait, what?

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  • yeah he probably forgot


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  • Keep ur mind off him, maybe he is just busy. Don't wamder over him

    • The thing is He's replied (you can see in my other comment above)
      I don't know if he forgot or just doesn't care
      I don't want to cause unnecessary drama or be annoyed if he doesn't know why
      Should I say something?

    • Ignore him, its not being childish. Just don't want you to waste ur time

    • He just messaged me something completely unrelated (a funny photo of him as a kid that he found)
      Lol So he clearly doesn't know I'm annoyed...
      How do I be direct about him being crap with plans without making a big deal?

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