Can two shy/awkward people date?

I really like my best-guy friend and I have been thinking about asking him out a lot. The only problem is I'm afraid that we might be too awkward to be very coupley (like hugging, kissing etc). I've never kissed a guy and I don't think my crush has ever kissed a girl either. I'm just worried that I might ruin a perfectly good friendship if I ask him out and we end up breaking up because one of us/both of us are too awkward to do anything
We aren't awkward hanging out or anything, I'm just worried we would be if we started dating


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  • It can be very hard. If neither one of you will make any moves (holding hands, kissing, whatever) then you both kinda end up feeling unfulfilled.

    If can you make it work it's awesome. You get someone you can be comfortable acting awkward around. :)

  • I remember being 14 and being really shy with girls and one girl I asked out was also shy so we never ended up doing anything and broke up after just a month. I felt horrible because we were good friends before and then we didn't talk to one another for weeks but eventually we became good friends again. I think the same thing that made us attracted to one another as friends was still there even if it would never be anything more than that. I'm still friends with her to this day.


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