Can we all agree that some Homewreckers actually have a lot of power?

Well my best friend Tracy, was seeing this guy with a girlfriend. the guys name was Jake, Jake and his girlfriend were dating on and off for 2 years however their relationship was dependent on sex it was mostly physical. During the time that Tracy and Jake were seeing each other (6 months) they did nothing physical (Tracy's a virgin) , they didn't even kiss, but they had a strong emotional connection. Jakes girlfriend might have had his Dick, but Tracy had his heart. Anyways Jake broke up with his girlfriend for Tracy. I know it was wrong with tracy to be a home wrecker and date a guy with the girlfriend and it was wrong for jake to cheat and maybe it makes me that person but I'm not against Tracy. i mean think about it, tracy came in to jakes life in 6 months and completely shook and shattered his 2 year relationship. Not any girl can do that, not a lot of girls are able to do that, i mean come on, how often is it that a guy would leave their girlfriend or wife for his mistress. I am NOT saying that what Tracy did that wasn't wrong, and I am NOT saying that Jake cheating on his girlfriend was right either however can we just all sit back and acknowledge the fact that a lot of women underestimate mistress. Can we all just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that a lot of time the girlfriends or wives of these men think that their boyfriends/husbands would never leave them for another girl. Side chicks and home workers have such a bad name. they have way more power than people give them credit for. They have the power to make your boyfriend or husband not want to call you, or pick up your phone calls, or reply to your text. or not come home to you or worse.: Fall out of love with you ( if they ever were) ... They're dangerous.

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  • I think Jake just realized he wasn't meant for his girlfriend so he broke up with her like a normal person and went with Tracy who he had feelings for... that doesn't mean she is powerful just more desirable to him than the now ex


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeash. It is a sort of power. But it doesn't take much to rip appart a relationship from the outside. People always have doubts. Everyone feels neglected sometimes. And those are massive weaknesses which any canny person (or someone with a little luck) can use to sunder two people's lives.
    When it comes to cheating, if the third party (the one not in the relationship) knows that the person they are sidling up to is in a relationship then they get just as much, if not more of the blame.
    in this case though it sounds like the relationship was essentially already dead in the water. In the long run it sounds like 'tracy' did the girlfriend a favour.


What Girls Said 2

  • I like to think of it this way: Your friend Tracy would have absolutely no power over a couple who have a strong physical and emotional connection. If I was in a bad relationship with my boyfriend (and I am a loyal person), geez even Tracey would have me! HAHA!

    Mistresses and side dudes are only created when the person doesn't feel that the relationship could live up to it's potential. The relationship was on and off. It is very confusing. In the end, I do commend Jakle for doing the right thing and breaking up with his girlfirend for Tracey. Jakes inital relationship was only dependent on sex. That is never enough. People want to say that guys are fickle, well... they are still very much human beings as well. Our egos need to have every component filled by the other person.

    His ex could only fulfill his sexual component. It doesn't seem like she made any effort on his emotions or needs.

    I don't know the full story, but I wish them luck.

  • Guys are fickle. If another woman starts paying them attention then she has "newness" because he hasn't conquered her yet. It's not real power because any girl he hasn't slept with yet could do the same thing. Tracy can get her man took the same way she took someone else's. What she did wasn't any more special or powerful than what any other girl could do.


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