Should I hold this girl's hand on our third date?

I met this girl online and we have already been on 2 dates, everything between us is good so far. So I texted her if she wants to go hiking with me and she said yes. I then ask her
"Would you freak out if I try to hold your hand xD?"
She reply with "Probably since I get really shy and awkward xD"
I then said "Alright, so you wouldn't slap me right?"
She said "No 0.0 i mean why would I do that."
So my question is should I hold her hand on our third date while hiking? She is really shy cause we were supposed to hold hand on our second date but we didn't and she later told me that she didn't want me to misunderstand us not holding hand as she is not interested in me. She told me she is just shy.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Dude, yes, hold her hand. Maybe even kiss her. She's shy and probably wishing she could leave it to you to lead.


What Guys Said 1

  • There places where date 3 means sex


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